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8 Ways To Cut Unhealthy and Toxic Emotional Cords

Emotional Cords

Everybody wants to live a happy and fulfilling life, but sometimes we forget that in order to do so, they need to do something very important; something that sometimes sounds easier said than done. If you want to genuinely live a happy and peaceful life, you need to cut off all unhealthy and toxic emotional cords.

We all are guilty of it! Every single one of us at one time or another has been affected by allowing ourselves to be energetically corded (connected) in an unhealthy way to another person, place, or thing. Using any of my eight ways to cut toxic energy cords, you will be free of those unhealthy emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual cords of energy.

What Are the Signs of Having Unhealthy and Toxic Emotional Cords?

  • Energy levels are depleted, chronic fatigue.
  • Having feelings of depression, hopelessness.
  • Giving in to unhealthy habits such as – smoking, overeating, excessive drinking/drug use.
  • Having repetitive conversations with someone in your head.
  • Obsessing or seeking out ways to get revenge.
  • You find yourself getting caught in stalker-like behavior, monitoring the other person’s every move.
  • You find yourself continually battling illness.
  • You feel off and are in stagnation.
cut toxic emotional cords and be happy
Cut toxic emotional cords and be happy

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8 Ways To Cut Toxic Emotional Cords

Ways To Cut Toxic Emotional Cords info
8 Ways To Cut Unhealthy and Toxic Emotional Cords

1. Bathe in sea salt, Epsom salt, and or Himalayan salt. Negative, toxic cords of energy cannot hold a charge when you bathe your aura in sea salt.

2. Take a selenite wand, comb your aura from top to bottom, go around your entire body, moving clockwise front to back. This will cut all toxic cords.

3. Align your energy with Archangel Michael. When you feel his presence, request that he use his mighty sword to cut the negative cords from your auric field.

4. Using my cord-cutting mist automatically cuts those unwanted cords.

5. Visualize the other person and or situation in your mind, a pair of scissors, and a rope. In your mind’s eye, see the rope connecting you to the other person and or situation. Take out your scissors and cut the rope. See the cord of energy severed and go back to both you and the other person. You are now free energetically from this person.

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6. Positive subliminal messages meditations work wonders reprogramming your thoughts and help you redirect your energy.

7. Avoid drama at all costs! If you should find yourself in the middle of a gossip session, respectfully excuse yourself from the conversation. Drama and gossip automatically create toxic cords.

8. I love using the “Scraper Meditation” that I learned from Internationally Renowned Psychic Channel, Sandy Anastasi.

This is how you should practice Scraper Meditation:

  • Close your eyes and take three deep grounding and centering breaths.
  • Imagine your energy field is about to be shaved.
  • First, take a moment to become sensitive to your own energy.
  • Become sensitive to the air currents around you.
  • Let your consciousness drop deeper as you continue to breathe deeply.
  • In your mind’s eye, see or feel energy streams you have coming from your own aura leading to other people.
  • Mentally see these connections as tubes of light linking you to other people in your world.
  • Take a razor, shaver, processor blade, whatever you feel will do the job and shave your entire space.
  • Bonds to other people can be recreated if you want. For now, enjoy your own space.
  • Enjoy being clear.

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My Cords Are Cut, Now What?

After your energy cords have been cut, you now have an opportunity to interact with others with healthy and definite boundaries. Often the most unhealthy energy cords are the ones we have with those who are close to us. In these cases, you may need to cut those cords on a weekly or even daily basis.

After a while, you will be consciously aware when the cords of toxicity are trying to connect to you or you to them. The blessing and or benefit from knowing what it feels like to have only cords of unconditional love and balance is that you will create healthy boundaries automatically in the future. This is beneficial for not only you but the other parties involved.

Blessings and Light,


We hope you were able to find the signs of having toxic ties that deplete your energy and how you can cut those unhealthy and toxic emotional cords.

Written By Laurie Barraco
Originally Appeared In Laurie Barraco

Ways To Cut Toxic Emotional Cords pin
8 Ways To Cut Unhealthy and Toxic Emotional Cords

8 Ways To Cut Unhealthy and Toxic Emotional Cords
Emotional Cords Pin
8 Ways To Cut Unhealthy and Toxic Emotional Cords

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