Cosmic Marriage: Your True Partner Has Already Been Decided

Cosmic Marriage: Your True Partner Has Already Been Decided

Cosmic Marriage: Why So Many Traditional Marriages Fail

Your true partner has already been decided; it is set above. It is already a commitment, without even knowing, it is an event set to happen by you.  The cosmos knows. Your soul knows. Your gut instinct knows. You have been partners many lifetimes before. There is nothing ‘ new’, it feels like you have been married a hundred times before. The other person knows what to say or not say, to evolve the process.

You will always come back to each other or stick together in some way because of the enormous magnetic pull to each other. As they say in the movie Avatar ‘ I see you’. Those words are more than ‘I love you’.

The words have many more dimensions behind it. ‘I see your soul.’

I love your soul, with all aspects that go with it. Everything. The whole package. – This is the ‘I see you’.

Many people do not find it appealing anymore, to marry the traditional ways. We say vows we do not feel in the heart, sign a ‘contract’ for an institute and spend a lot of money on a sacred ceremony that transcends the need for material.

Cosmic Marriage: Your True Partner Has Already Been Decided
Cosmic Marriage: Your True Partner Has Already Been Decided

Relationships Of The Past

There are a time and place for everything. You cannot change someone’s feelings, and you cannot ‘ make it work’ when it has already been broken and the other person is not fighting for love. It takes two to Tango, It is a lover’s dance…

Someone who does not want to be in their power (commitment to themselves) will never be able to commit to you.

On the road of your past relationships and affairs, you learned who you are,  what you need to shine, bloom, blossom and stay strong in a world, that has so many challenges.

You learned about your personality and your ego-aspects. You learned how to be a strong person, and how to make a future partner a powerful and strong person by the vibration you are able to send in a connection based on Truth. That is how you love in a way that makes the other person stronger, not weaker.

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Your Reflection – Meeting Yourself

When you find someone, who is true to their own soul,  who has taken all the time, to find out their own pains, heals themself, and created the strength to get out of it… They are able to commit to you.

They need to be true to their ESSENCE. And that takes wisdom, soul searching, falling down and standing up. When you are committed to yourself, because you have seen both the darkest and the lightest places, you are able to ‘ see’ your reflection in someone else.

When you feel a partner is living from the heart and loves themselves, you will not have a fear-based relationship.

For instance, your partner can be in a room with twenty beautiful other people or they can travel the world without you. You can let him have thousands of friends and you just have ‘ peace and trust’ because you know the commitment is from the heart.

It is a divine connection. You both have rest/stillness and calm, NOT a fear-based relation. You can have your own travel, your own path, and yet…. You know the path of your loved one, is right next to yours. You can sit back, and breathe. When you have peace and rest with a partner, it is, because you feel you can trust this person. And you know you can trust yourself.

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Marriage Without A True Heart Connection

So many traditional marriages ‘ break’ because it is not a relationship based on a heart connection. It is not based on a true soul-travel. It is based on outside factors like social standards. Things like money, safety, and a longing for someone to make you feel whole are some are the main reasons we rush to get married.

It’s an act of proving that you love someone, that you’re really committed when isn’t just loving them enough? Why do we need to prove that our love is real? It should be obvious to all who look.

Most people struggle with the idea of self-love and how it is to feel safe inside themselves. When you are able to give yourself attention, feed yourself with soul-food, love, and fulfillment: You do not need to find love externally. It is always existing inside you already.

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12 thoughts on “Cosmic Marriage: Your True Partner Has Already Been Decided”

  1. Avatar of Minela Zornic

    Minela Zornic
    I am in love with my dr, I know it’s probably the dumbest thing ever but, I can’t get him off my mind 🙁 I work around a lot of drs but when he was taking my pulse something sparked all over my body I felt butterflies and I didn’t find him handsome at all or attractive but that moment is in my head all the time. I tried ignoring it doesn’t work. I even told him and told him I’d like another provider, all he said was I understand and thank you. I’m so confused 🙁 I don’t want to be like I’m stalking him, I simply wanted to see if I went out on a date, would it ease my wondering mind

    1. Avatar of Dragica

      No dear, it is not the dumbest thing. I am in love with my doc. too.
      And we are not the only ones
      Ako znaš jezik prebaci se s engleskog I javi se

  2. Avatar of Lynda McLean

    Wow!!! So powerful well written I hope and trust this my whole self because I found it believe he has too as we have memories from many many years ago and have met once again truly magical

  3. Avatar of Ef Winterburn

    I had a beautiful wife, the traditional marriage was ordinary, I wasted a lot of my life being faithful and a good husband for very little life satisfaction from her. It was a great lesson in life. I am now ready for a real life friend and partner in my daily minutes and a real marriage for the right reasons this time.

    1. Avatar of Ef Winterburn

      Prt 2, I should say, “I loved being married”, starting our family and the life growth that comes with it. My previous comment was written totally with hind sight, at the time I was probably wasting a lot of her life aswell. Back then, neither of us could see that our daily grinds were merely habitual processes, almost unchanged for more than 10 years. I really think it’s time we rethink and modernise the design of how we approach marriage and what we want out of it these days. The differences in life requirements between back when they wrote the rule book for marriage and what life is like today. I am not implying for one second that we don’t need marriage any longer or a dilution of the commitment toward it all. Even a “life time” has changed.

  4. Avatar of Kiran Bais

    The Sanctification of Married Life
    MOST persons enter into married life as a matter of course, but marriage will become a help or a hindrance according to the manner in which it is handled. There is no doubt that some of the immense spiritual possibilities are accessible through a married life, but all this depends upon having the right attitude. From the spiritual point of view, married life will be a success only if it is thoroughly determined by the vision of Truth. It cannot offer much if it is based upon nothing more than the limited motives of mere sex, or if it is inspired by considerations which usually prevail in business partnership. It has to be undertaken as a real spiritual enterprise which is intended to discover what life can be at its best. When the two partners launch together upon the spiritual adventure of exploring the higher possibilities of spirit, they cannot at the outset limit their experiment by any nice calculations concerning the nature and amount of individual gain.
    Meher Baba <3

    1. Avatar of Kiran Bais

      And cosmic marriage 🙂
      The relation between cosmic power and the
      individualized soul is unique. In the case of
      a perfect soul, the relation has been
      described fairly adequately through the
      Christian idea of trinity, which comprehends the three
      aspects of God: the Father (Creator and
      Preserver), the Son (Savior and Redeemer)
      and the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of truth or
      grace). This concept of Triunity (Three in
      One) grasps and expresses some important
      factors in the spiritual fabric of the universe.
      It should not be artificially equated with the
      Vedantic trinity of the Creator, Preserver
      and Destroyer, which reveals the fabric of
      the universe from a different point of
      view. All these are different ways of
      understanding the unitary and omnipotent
      power in the cosmos.
      Meher Baba <3

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