5 Common Causes Of All Marriage Problems And How To Resolve Them

common causes of marriage problems

Being married to the love of your life is one of the most beautiful feelings ever. However, making a marriage last and making sure that it stands the test of time can sometimes prove to be a challenge; maybe a good kind of challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

When you’ve tied the know with someone, there’re a few issues that can cause some serious marriage problems, unless both of you handle them well and share the same goal – having a healthy relationship with each other.

Even though these issues can bring a fair bit of tension to your relationship, trying to resolve them together by understanding each other can help you build a stronger relationship in the long run. It all depends on you and your partner, whether you’re letting your problems drive a wedge between you two or using them to come closer to each other.

In order to make sure that both of you are dealing with your marriage problems and resolving them in a healthy way, you need to know what’s really causing them. What exactly is causing problems between you two, and why? Where is it coming from? And most importantly, how can you defeat these problems and make sure they don’t end up ending your marriage?

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5 Common Causes Of Marriage Problems And How To Resolve Them

1. Lack Of Communication.

This is probably the biggest reason behind marriage problems, and if not resolved at the right time can end up destroying your marriage for good. Negative communication and worse still, lack of communication is the source behind so many issues plaguing married couples today. Research by John Gottman suggests that couples who negatively communicate with each other have a higher chance of divorcing.

Open, honest and transparent communication is the key to a happy marriage. No matter what the situation might be, never resort to stonewalling or avoiding each other because you feel it’s ‘impossible’ to talk to them at that moment. But you need to do exactly that – talk. Talk to each other and tell each other what is bothering you or hurting you or making you angry. Unless both of you communicate with each other about your feelings, the same issues will keep on plaguing your marriage.

open communication can solve many marriage problems
5 Common Causes Of All Marriage Problems And How To Resolve Them

2. Financial Issues.

Not being on the same page when it comes to finances is another common problem that almost every married couple faces. And why does this one thing cause so many problems, you ask? It’s because whenever money is involved, especially if you are locking horns over it, unknowingly you’re engaging in a kind of power struggle with each other.

And even if that’s not the reason, you and your partner might have different opinions about how to handle your finances and that can be a source of friction.

Money can be a sensitive topic to navigate, but you need to realize that in order to have a healthy and stable marriage, you need to be on the same page. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to think alike all the time, rather it’s more about considering the other person’s financial decisions and trying to understand where they are coming from.

Don’t let financial issues and money stress destroy your marriage.

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