The Body Language Of Attraction of Each Zodiac Sign

The Body Language Of Attraction of Each Zodiac Sign

Wondering if your zodiac crush likes you back? When it comes to flirting, we often use pickup lines, flirtatious dialogue, and even eye contact to create a spark with the person we are attracted to and let them know we are interested. But there are times we flirt without using even a single word. In fact, the art of flirting through your body language is rather subtle and may not always be easy to notice.

The Body Language of Attraction

Body language is a crucial aspect of attraction, from the first eye contact to the last kiss goodbye.

We communicate more through our body language than with words, especially when it comes to flirting.

However, as it happens in a very subliminal way, it can be hard for us to notice or understand its implications.

When you are trying to attract someone special, it may take some time for you to gain expertise over the subtle art of body language of attraction as per zodiac sign. Even if you are just trying to understand if your crush likes you back through their body language, it can take some effort and a keen eye for details.

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The Body Language Of Attraction of Each Zodiac Sign

Most Common Body Language Of Attraction As Per Zodiac Sign

So how can you tell if someone is flirting with you when they are not using any words of eye contact? Here’s how you can understand how someone is attracted to you through their body language based on their zodiac sign.

1. Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

aries see the signs
The Body Language Of Attraction of Each Zodiac Sign

Aries is probably the most attractive zodiac sign amongst all, so no wonder, they are very good at flirting with their bodies. They can easily and charmingly invade your space and initiate physical contact, either subtly or noticeably. Given the opportunity, they will grab you by the waist and plant a passionate kiss. As they don’t prefer hiding their feelings, you can easily see the fire of desire in their eyes.

They will tease you and make fun of your new dress and hairstyle, subtly telling you that they notice even the smallest change. They will make silly jokes about your latest Instagram post with a ‘friend’ which would simply mean they are quietly jealous. They may act like they don’t care about what you do, when in fact they care about a lot. So it’s pretty easy to understand is an Aries is attracted to you. There are no zodiac signs and secrets when it comes to an Aries in love.

Aries Body Language of Attraction

  • They will sit right beside you making physical contact.
  • Aries will take extra effort and dress to impress you.
  • They will brush their arms against yours.
  • They are known to be active huggers and kissers.
  • Aries talk with their eyes as they can’t hide their feelings.
  • Their face will tell the story you need to know.

2. Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

taurus sees the signs
The Body Language Of Attraction of Each Zodiac Sign

When it comes to the body language of attraction as per zodiac sign, Taurus can be very picky and their body language will be directed straight towards the person of their affection. They will stare directly into your eyes from across the room. And when you catch them staring, they may smile at you or look away.

They use their eyes well, especially for sensibly analyzing you. They will only approach you or come close to you when they are confident and comfortable. They always know what they want. It can be hard for them to express themselves or their feelings for you. So they will try to make you laugh by cracking some funny jokes and making you laugh.

Taurus Body Language of Attraction

  • They will look directly at you and observe everything around you.
  • Taurus usually have an open body language when they are attracted to someone.
  • They will be physically present near you most of the time.
  • As they are very selective, a Taurus will hold your hand and treat you special when they are hooked on you.
  • They usually find it hard to talk with someone they are attracted to.
  • When a Taurus doesn’t like you, they will let you know through their body language.

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