15 Best Thanksgiving Movies For Kids And Adults

Thanksgiving Movies Kids Adults

Thanksgiving is all about family togetherness, lots of delicious food, and fun with friends. But for many, it’s incomplete without cinematic bingeing. To lift your holiday spirit of gratitude and love and double your enjoyment, here are some best Thanksgiving movies for kids and adults. 

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving.
15 Best Thanksgiving Movies For Kids And Adults

These are hallmark thanksgiving movies that the whole family can watch together on Turkey Day and create some really good moments. I have added old classics as well modern favorites along with IMDb ratings so that you can pick up the best movie and settle down with a warm beverage after a long day of baking and feasting. 
(P.S. Some of the movies are not really based on Thanksgiving but are a perfect holiday treat!)

Let’s get started! 

Best Kids Thanksgiving Movies

1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This 1973 animated movie is a true classic that teaches us the true meaning of thanksgiving. Kids will surely love the character of Charlie Brown, who tries hard to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, but nothing goes as planned. Check out what he and his beloved Peanuts gang come up with. Besides the holiday feast, football and amazing conversation among the Peanuts will keep kids hooked to the couch till the end.  This movie is one of the best thanksgiving movies for kids for decades!

IMDb – 7.7

2. The Sound of Music

In many families with kids, it has become a tradition to watch this American musical drama that has earned five Oscars. It’s all about a widowed naval officer and his seven children, who are taken care of by Maria, an aspiring nun. Top-rate music, breath-taking scenery, and an amazing plot with humor and drama will hit you just where it needs to. One of the memorable kids thanksgiving movies in my opinion!

IMDb – 8.0

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3. Free Birds

Another popular animated comedy, perfect to calm down your little kids creating havoc in your house post-turkey. Two time-traveling turkeys learn to put aside their differences and try to head back to the first  Thanksgiving feast to change the course of history. Check out to know and imagine how things can be when they get Turkeys off the Thanksgiving menu for good. Free Birds is one of the best thanksgiving movies on Netflix

IMDb – 5.8

4. The Blind Side 

A must-watch movie for kids who love sports. A homeless and traumatized 17-year-old boy is taken in by a wealthy Tennessee woman. Life changes for both when he becomes an all-American football player and first-round NFL draft pick. It’s heart-touching and leaves everyone with the feeling of gratitude for being gifted with a family and friends. 

IMDb – 7.6

5. Little Women

Although it’s not exactly a Thanksgiving movie, there are a lot of around-the-table scenes, which makes Little Women (2019) an instant holiday classic. This movie is all about the March sisters, Amy, Jo, Beth, and Meg, and their journey set in 19th-century Massachusetts. This is the best Thanksgiving movie for families with kids. 

IMDb – 7.8

6. Ratatouille

This movie is all about the adventures of an ambitious chef (who is a rat) in Paris. Beautiful animation, fantastic characters, and vividly imagined world makes Ratatouille one of the best family thanksgiving movies.

IMDb – 8.0

7. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Chaos ensues as Garfield – an animated cat attempts to cook Thanksgiving dinner after learning from his vet that he’s overweight and needs to eat only a low-fat, low-carb diet. It’s fun to watch how food-loving Garfield handles this crisis on his favorite feast day of the year. Kids are sure to love this comic strip! 

IMDb – 7.9

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Best Thanksgiving Movies For Adults 

8. A Family Thanksgiving

Do you often wonder how your life would’ve turned out if only you had made different choices? Then this Hallmark drama movie is a must-watch for you! Learn about the joy of living a balanced life this Thanksgiving. Rated as one of the top family thanksgiving movies! Do you know what you are missing in life right now or what really matters at the end of the day? This movie may give you some answers, you never know!

IMDb – 6.3

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