20 Best Dhiman Quotes That’ll Change Your Perception Of Life


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Best Dhiman Quotes That'll Change Your Life

Explore the enchanting words of the poet who adds magic to life. Dive into our top Dhiman Quotes for insights on the art of living. Discover more for a dose of wisdom!

There’s not a soul on earth who has escaped the battering of destiny unscathed. Yet, some of us seem to have gotten more than our fair share of plight. But is that the whole truth? Or is it only our perception? Our pick of best Dhiman Quotes might shed some light on this.

What we perceive is not always the reality and if we can just shift our perception a little, we will be able to view life in a completely new light. We will be able to see our troubles as they are; mere pebbles on our path, along with all the daisies and roses, sunrays and rainbows.

‘’When we appreciate and accept life in the way that it unfolds, we allow ourselves to let go of the idea of perfection; and as we learn to look at life in a non-judgmental way, we find beauty in the imperfect, we notice peace in the chaos, and as a result, we nourish our soul and the world in a harmonious and loving way.’’ – From the book ‘’ You Matter’’ by Dhiman.

This very philosophy can be found echoed in each and every work of the new Instagram and literary sensation, Dhiman, who already has several published books under his belt, and creating waves through his positive and inspiring quotes, all over the internet.

‘’If the only thing you can do right now is survive, do that. Trust that in this difficult time this is what strength looks like.’’Dhiman

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Dhiman Poetry And Quotes

In each of his books, whether it is poetry, prose, or quotations, Dhiman talks about discovering the love for life through positivity and self-love. All his quotations ooze hope, faith, determination, and compassion; all that is required to traverse the path of life with our head and spirit high!

Best Dhiman Quotes On Positivity & Art of Living

In this article, we have compiled some of his best quotes, which we believe will boost your morale and see this world with a fresh set of eyes, even in these dark times.

1. ‘’There will be a day when you will look back on your journey and say: the hard days have tested my strength but I’m still here and I have not given up on myself.’’

2. ‘’So many things around you have changed this year and while you still need time to make sense of everything, remember that there were also things that stood by you through it all and that my friend, is something to be grateful for.’’

3. ‘’Nothing lasts forever. That means the hardships and the pain you are going through right now won’t stay forever either. That means you will find a way to heal. Remember, life has its seasons, one after another they arrive and they leave. You may feel like you won’t survive this season of pain, the struggles you are dealing with, but I assure you, you will. Like the seasons of life your circumstances will change too. And I hope that this period of change makes you realize your inner power, the incredible strength of your heart too.’’

4. “Be kind to others but don’t forget to be kind to yourself first.’’

5. ‘’Feel what you need to feel and then let it go. Do not let it consume you.’’

6. ‘’We grow through what we go through.’’

7. ‘’All these little steps will add up in the end.’’

8. “You are allowed to take your time to grow in your own beautiful way.’’

9. ‘’The things that your heart deserves will not arrive quickly but they will when you are ready.’’

10. ‘’Choose what makes your heart bloom.’’

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11. ‘’You are slowly growing but you are still growing and that is enough.’’

12. ‘’Be kind with the person you are becoming.’’

13. ‘’Each day is another opportunity for you to live your life a little less afraid, to choose yourself, to listen to your own heart and not what the world says. Don’t let your struggles and difficult days plant fear in your heart, my friend. Don’t let your misfortunes tell you that you do not deserve anything else. Remember: if you dare to believe in yourself, new doors will open; if you choose to carry on, the chances will come again. One day at a time you just have to hang in there through it all and trust that when the right time comes life will unfold itself in the best way.

14. ‘’Start today. Start in small steps. Maybe you will not get too far and maybe you will fall down again. But everyday in trying your best you will also find your truest strength.

15. To hope is not to escape the difficult, but to be able to move forward with courage despite the difficult

16. ‘’Dear Self, I hope you know this: To be loved, you do not have to be someone else.’’

17. ‘’3 things to be grateful for: the person you are becoming, how far you have come, what you already have.’’

18. ‘’Happiness is being okay with who you are without justifying your worth to the world.’’

19. ‘’3 things you are in control of: your response to your feelings, what you hold onto, what you let go.’’

20. ‘’And she whispered: ‘’when you choose love, I hope you choose yourself too.’’

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Now That You Have Peeked Into His Soul, Here’s More About Dhiman:

Little can be found in the public domain about the author of ‘’ You Matter’’. Yet, his uplifting and thought-provoking quotations have touched and influenced many lives. His official Instagram account @poetry of dhiman has a wide array of soulful quotes that have the power to bring sunshine when the skies are grey.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Dhiman hails from a northern town of the Indian state, West Bengal, and has a college degree in English literature.

Bibliography For Poetry Of Dhiman

  • Strong Enough – October 14, 2021
  • You Matter – July 19, 2020
  • Lanterns – September 15, 2019
  • Golden Feathers – January 1, 2019
  • Midnight Landscape – February 1, 2018
  • Waves of Life – January 1, 2017

We hope these Dhiman poetry mentioned here will offer you a better way of approaching life and relationships. Do let us know your interpretations and what you think about these quotes.

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Poetry Of Dhiman
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Best Dhiman Quotes On Positivity & Art of Living
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