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Reasons Why Being Single Has Its Own Strengths

Reasons Why Being Single Has Its Own Strengths

Reasons why being single is nothing to feel bad about but is a choice, a fair, sensible choice!

In a world of instant-messaging, constant texting, long-distant callings, and the classic emailing, it is quite easy to find the person you click with.

It’s so easy that you’d find people whose crushes and relationships change as fast as the weather. Or even faster.

It has become so normal to be with a person that we know now to expect some PDA almost every day. And it is not even out of place to us – gross, maybe, but not out of the ordinary.

The entire concept of being in a relationship has become so overly familiar that after you cross a certain age, people wonder if you have issues if “you are single,” or worse “you are still single.”

These people are not just your forever-alone uncles giving you what they believe is some sort of ‘Golden Advice’ or the divorced-infinite-times aunts who think they are telling you of all the ‘adventures’ you are missing out upon.

They are also your non-single friends who think they have discovered some hidden meaning behind Life, the Universe and Everything, and those single friends who think ‘the state of Singularity’ is the darkest and most cursed state of being.

The rare, confidently-single people you know are either your boss, the smart woman at your office due to get a promotion who is also way out of your league by the way or random classmates from high school whom you never knew and only stalk on social media.

So given these prevailing social conditions, if you were any average or slightly above average human being, it won’t be hard to see why you would begin to wonder if there was something wrong with you. Even if you didn’t, there is still the dumb, wide, world that just cannot stop behaving as if you have some serious personality disorder.

They will give you shit about your underdeveloped maturity levels required to sustain a relationship, your lack of understanding if you can’t bear the proximity and accommodation of another human being in your life, and honestly − all such equivalent crap.

So, how about you breathe? And don’t listen to anybody or anything that is not your own confident thoughts.

Being single is not a disease, it is a choice.

It is a fair, sensible choice.

Being single is not a disability to be friendly or understanding, or compromising − it is the ability to admit that you do not need to do any of that if you don’t want to.

Being in a relationship is considered mature. I believe being single is another step beyond that.

It also means you have other things you’d rather sacrifice and compromise for than a cheesy human being. You are mature enough to realise that you have no place for any of that. Or any need either.

Being single is also a weird form of strength.

You have to be truly strong, and immensely, patiently, brave to face all the nonsense single-mongers have to face.

Bearing the free-advises, going by your own to events that frown upon the singletons, all the explaining to parents, and family, and friends, and even their families that it is not that nobody wants you, it is just that you don’t want anybody currently.

Being single is also fun.

How can anybody not see the perks of being single?

You are your own master.

Eat what you want, skip meals and order in, whatever you want. Wear anything and be whoever you want.

You can see people according to your own time, absolutely zero obligation.

And for all those big titles that claim to be signs of maturity that you really do not need.

No sacrificing your favorite show for somebody else’s boring one.

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You don’t have to compromise on your time to fit in somebody else’s schedules if you do not wish so.

And overall, you don’t have to constantly understand somebody else’s beliefs and principles and spend an immense amount of time wondering if they were wrong in their behaviour or right even, although you pretty sure did not agree with it, or simply, you did not understand it.

Don’t forget the weekends you get to spend with your best friends instead of splitting time with your friends and somebody else’s.

In a world so advanced, it is high time everybody understood that each and everyone has a right to live their life according to their will, make their choices, and follow their own reasoning.

If they weren’t, it would turn into a pure dictatorship where everybody follows one set of behaviour and society rules.

And really, haven’t we already seen what that does to the world?

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Reasons Why Being Single Has Its Own Strengths


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