5 Behaviors You Should NEVER TOLERATE In Dating

behaviors never tolerate in dating

When it comes to dating, there are certain behaviors and attitudes you should never tolerate, no matter how much you like the guy, and no matter how much you want to be with him.  

In my work as an international love coach, I find that many women, even the high-achieving ones that make up the core of my clientele, lack a basic frame of reference for what is healthy and acceptable from men, and what is unhealthy, toxic, or even dangerous. 

So today, we are talking about the five behaviors you should not tolerate in dating.

5 Behaviors To Not Tolerate In Dating

Behavior #1 To Not Tolerate In Dating: The Hot & Cold Treatment

This is when a man makes you feel like a queen when you are on a date with him, but when the date is over, he disappears and you hear nothing from him.

A lot of the time, women get caught up in the chemistry that they feel on a date with such a man. What they neglect is how he makes them feel when he is NOT around.

When you go weeks without hearing from a man, how does it really feel?

He makes you feel insecure and like you’re walking on eggshells.

Yet, we women keep chasing that high that we feel with such a man on a rare date, instead of seeing the lack of consistency and effort that he is really showing us.

This is the most common behavior to not tolerate in dating.

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Diva Tip: You deserve to feel good around a man – not just when you’re on a date with him, but also when you are not!

This means that a man who is truly into you is going to keep in touch, call and text you and take consistent action to see you more and more often. He’s not just going to vanish from the face of the Earth.

Don’t tolerate hot and cold behavior.

You deserve much more, and it is available to you.

There are many amazing men out there who know how to make you feel special, not just on a date, but also in-between.

Behavior #2 To Never Tolerate: A Man Who Doesn’t Value Emotional Connection

Yes, every once in a while, you’re going to come across that horny hottie who just wants to get in your pants – and yes, he may be cracking really good looking…

However, if you’re looking to build a real relationship, then you need to value emotional connection, and you need to only entertain a man who values emotional connection as well.

In other words, if a man doesn’t give a crap about getting to know you, understanding more about you, being curious about what makes you laugh and what makes you cry and what your biggest fears are and what your biggest dreams are… then he’s not the man you can possibly build a real committed relationship with.

Ignore these men, and say goodbye if you have a man who just values sexual connection and does not value any emotional connection.

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Behavior #3 To Not Tolerate In Dating: A Controlling Man

A man who tries to control your personal choices is a definite no.

Yes, we’re living in the 21st century and a man doesn’t get to tell you what you should wear, who you should meet, what is the best job for you, or if you’re ‘allowed’ to work after marriage or not.

A man should have no say on these highly personal choices.

Of course, in a marriage or committed relationship, I do advise women to consult their partners on important life decisions. But that is part of a couple working as a team, and in no way should it be interpreted as the woman becoming subservient to a man’s wishes!

But if early on you’re already seeing this behavior that you should not tolerate in dating, you’re better off without that man.

See this as the huge red flag that it is, and get rid of Mr. Hyper-Controlling before getting entangled with him further.  

never tolerate in dating controlling men
5 Behaviors You Should NEVER TOLERATE In Dating
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