5 Romantic Phrases Which Can Actually Be Major Relationship Red Flags

Romantic Phrases Which Can Actually Be Major Relationship Red Flags

Some Romantic Phrases Which Are Actually Relationship Red Flags

Simple compliments and loving words from our partner can often turn a bad day into a happy one. When your partner uses the right romantic phrases to express their passion, desire and love, it can easily melt your heart.

When it comes to relationships, the little things often mean a lot more than grand gestures. However, romantic words can also be relationship red flags that may help us realize that our partner is trying to manipulate and control us in the relationship.

“Complimenting someone in an exaggerated way is known as flattery, and flattery will generally get you anything you want.” – Lemony Snicket


Life is NOT a fairy tale

“But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.” – Simone Elkeles

All of us want a loving, caring and attentive partner who will be loyal and committed. Someone who will understand us, support us and let us be our authentic selves. However, more often than not, our partners don’t turn out to be knights in shining armor or enchanted princesses that we believe them to be.

Sometimes all the love, the grand gestures and the romantic compliments are simply a cover up to hide their uglier realities. The truth is, there is a huge difference between a partner who is loving and caring and someone who is controlling, manipulative and jealous.

Just like in life, if things seem too good to be true in your relationship, it probably is. If your partner is trying too hard to charm and woo you, it can very well mean that they have dubious intentions. Your knight in shining armor or your enchanted princess might not be the perfect sweetheart they pretend to be.

Although these romantic phrases, compliments and gestures may hint at a healthy, lasting relationship, in reality these may turn out to be serious relationship red flags in disguise.


Endearing compliments or false promises?

“A compliment is a statement of an agreeable truth; flattery is a statement of an agreeable untruth.” – Sir John A. MacDonald

Are you confusing warning signs for romantic gestures? The excitement and passion of a new relationship can often make us blind to the reality. Most of us have dated someone who seemed perfect initially but eventually turned out to be a toxic person or even worse…a narcissist. We like to believe that they took us for a ride and we were foolish enough to fall for their trap. However, there are always warning signs which we conveniently choose to ignore because the relationship red flags are disguised as flattering romantic acts and phrases.

Today, most of us are well versed with the typical relationship red flags as the dating scene has become highly complicated. But there are some subtle warning signs which we can confuse for green flags during the initial stage of the relationship. Charming behaviors like an abundance of promises, compliments and kind words during the early days can appear very positive and loving. But this is where we usually make the mistake as we are unable to identify the red flags disguised as green flags.

Although there are still plenty of genuine men and women out there who are actually romantic and like to express their love by showering you with compliments, you need to be able to identify the red and green flags distinctly so that you know very well where your relationship is heading.


5 romantic phrases that may actually be relationship red flags

“Liars make the best promises.” – Pierce Brown

Subtle warning signs are usually easy to miss, especially when they come disguised as compliments, promises and romantic phrases. Here are 5 romantic phrases that you need to watch out for in a relationship:


1. “You’re perfect the way you are.”

Yes, we are all perfect the way we are. But then again, we are not. We are all flawed with our unique strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes us human. It’s one thing for your partner to accept you just the way you are, but when they see you as something out of this world and put you on a pedestal, then it can spell doom real fast. This just means that your partner expects you to be perfect all the time and if you ever do anything wrong or fail to meet their expectations, it will be completely unacceptable for them.

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