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10 Things You Should Do Every Morning Before 10 AM

Things You Should Do Every Morning Before 10 AM

Are your mornings chaotic? Are you doing more with less (time, support, ease…)? If so, here’s a great plan to be on top at the end of each day. Shown to improve your resilience and well-being, these are your best 10 habits by 10 a.m.

Here Are 10 Things You Should Do Every Morning Before 10 AM

1. Hydrate.

Morning hydration jumpstarts your lymphatic and digestive system.

2. Stretch.

The Mayo Clinic reports increased blood flow to muscles will enhance your flexibility and range of motion.  Whatever the chase, (kids, dog, train, cab, airport..) you’re set!

3. Play Music.

Scientists discovered when we listen to music, our brain releases a hit of dopamine, and literally stimulate a “feel good” experience. But you knew that.

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4. Smile.

Not only contagious, your smile activates neural messaging, a trifecta chemical release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. You’ll reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and have a tiny happy party in your brain.

5. Meditate.

Meditate for as few as 20 minutes a day. You’ll slow aging, increase focus, benefit your heart and immune systems, and become generally happier. That’s the shortlist, really.

6. Be grateful.

Scientists have proven what we’ve experienced all along. A gratitude mindset measurably improves self-esteem, mental “grit” and enhanced physical health.

7. Tidy Up.

Create daily habits that support your greater goals. Clothes off the floor, bed made, dishes cleaned, and trash out will improve your mental clarity and creative flow.

8. Review today’s To-dos.

Keep your list brief, mindful that quality beats quantity. Allow 15 minutes after each major task to disengage, come up for air, go for a stroll, daydream. This reference will help you craft an ideal list. Practice this “Progress Principle”, the power of small wins that’s fundamental to human nature.

9. Write your affirmations.

New research from Carnegie Mellon gives evidence that self-affirmations protect against the effects of stress during the problem-solving performance. In addition, self affirmations also boost the academic grades of underperforming students. Bonus: whatever your time crunch stress,   “I have everything thing I need, including time”  works well.

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10. Do your worst first.

A key to self-discipline, tackle the hardest task first. That tough call to a disgruntled customer or, a mundane but critical spreadsheet build, is best done first. Often it’s also the more difficult but crucial item. Put it behind you and watch your productivity soar.

By PJ Stone
Originally appeared on UniSoulTheory
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Things You Should Do Every Morning Before 10 AM Pin
10 Things You Should Do Every Morning Before 10 AM

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