Can You Trust Your Eyes? Are These Baseballs The Same Color? This Optical Illusion Is Surely Going To Blow Your Mind


Can You Guess Baseballs Are Same Color Optical Illusion Test

This optical illusion has taken the internet by storm. The baseballs are the same color. What do you think? Try this mind-bending color illusion created by David Novick to put your eyesight to the test!

But before you start the test, let’s take a look at how optical illusions work, so that you can master these mind tricks.

Same Color Optical Illusions and How They Work

We tend to believe everything we see, isn’t that true? What if you were told that what you see and what it is, in reality, are two different things?

As you may be aware, your senses collect data and deliver it to your brain. Your brain, on the other hand, does more than just receive information; it also builds your outlook of the world. This means that your brain occasionally fills in blanks when there isn’t enough information or generates an image that may not even exist!

Same color optical illusions work by manipulating our brain’s perception of color. Our eyes detect different wavelengths of light and send signals to our brain, which interprets these signals as color.

However, our brain can be easily tricked into perceiving two colors as the same when they are actually different.

Still puzzled about it? Well, all you have to do is be patient and study the images carefully so that your brain doesn’t get puzzled.

Let’s put your brain to the test with this new optical illusion!

Find Out If These Baseballs Are The Same Color

Playing tricks on your eyes this fun color optical illusion test has been created by Dr David Novick, a University of Texas professor.

This tricky optical illusion has people going mad. Look at the image carefully. Can you figure out if these two baseballs are the same color?

Are you ready? Take this mind-puzzling test now!

these baseballs are the same color
David Novick Illusion: The baseballs are the same color

Can you find the answer? What is it?

Scroll below if you want to learn more about the answers to this mind trick!

Solution For This David Novick Illusion:

The two baseballs appear to be completely different colors at first glance. You’ll have to concentrate harder and look closely.

As you can see that the balls have different colored horizontal lines layered on them. They are – red, green, yellow, and blue. In the image, green and blue lines run across the baseball on the left, while red and yellow lines run across the baseball on the right.

The illusion consists of a grid of squares with alternating light and dark borders. The light borders appear to be a different color than the dark borders, but in reality, they are the same color. The illusion works by exploiting the fact that our brain interprets colors in relation to their surroundings, rather than in absolute terms.

The contrasting lines on the baseballs create an illusion that one baseball is of a lighter shade than the other. Look past the lines, and you will be able to see that both are of the same shade. (It is recommended that you lower the brightness of your device to have a clearer look at the image.)

So did you enjoy this test? All these balls are the same color? What do you think? hare your answers and thoughts about this viral quiz in the comments below!

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