Doodle Personality Test: The Doodle You Choose Reveals How Others See You Secretly


How Others See You Secretly? Choose From The 4 Doodles To Reveal

Do you want to know how others see you? Just choose one of the four doodles and we will tell you!

This viral personality quiz can prove to be eye-opening for you and make you come face to face with yourself.

Let’s face it, no one is perfect and sometimes it is our little flaws and weaknesses that make us even more endearing to others. However, some of us also have qualities and traits that are not so endearing and they definitely bug others.

But most of the time, people around us choose to turn a blind eye to our flaws and keep mum about our bad habits, simply because

  • they do not wish to hurt our feelings or
  • they do not know how they should raise the topic in the first place.

But how is that ever going to help us to improve ourselves? Self-improvement starts from self-awareness and from time to time, we do need to take an inventory of our fear-based self-limiting habits and behaviors.

Therefore, you should have an idea of how others see you. So without any further delay, do check out this doodle quiz that is making quite a stir nowadays among internet users.

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Viral Doodle Quiz That Reveals How Others See You

Is there anything about your personality that annoys others but they never tell you? One of the four doodles given below in this personality test will settle all doubts and put your mind at ease.

Choose One Of The Doodles From The Below-Given Image And Jump To Your Answer

Doodle Personality Test internal


Doodle 1

Doodle 1 Others see you as someone

You are a person who feels too much and gets affected by others a lot. But you try to brush off all that has happened to you and pretend nothing can get to you.

You strive to maintain a strong front and never show your vulnerable side. But your well-wishers think that you should acknowledge when something upsets you and talk about it with them so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

According to the results of this doodle personality test, others see you as someone who needs to open up and share more.

Doodle 2

Doodle 2 who should take start

Seems like you are perpetuating some dysfunctional patterns all your life. You keep ending up with the same type of toxic partners and find yourself in similar situations at work.

Things just keep happening to you, as if you are destined to fail. But it can’t be any further from the truth.

What we do and the energy we put out have a lot to do with our destiny. Your loved ones are trying to tell you that you need to take initiative and stop the unhealthy patterns from ruining your life.

As per the results of this how others see you quiz, others see you as someone who should take a hard look at their life and start making better choices.

Doodle 3

Doodle 3 who should try to be

You tend to think somehow your issues are far greater than others and thus you are always self-centered.

Whenever a friend tries to share a story of them with you, invariably you bring the focus to yourself and in no time start talking about your life.

You obviously don’t do this consciously but as deep down you always think about your problems, you subconsciously ignore others and this habit doesn’t go down well with others.

According to this personality quiz, others see you as someone who should try to be a better listener.

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Doodle 4

Doodle 4 who needs to get out

Sometimes you should try to come out of your comfort zone and try out new things that get your heart racing.

You seldom take chances in life and prefer to stick to your routine. A comfort zone is a good place to rest but you will never reach your destination if you don’t lose sight of the shore.

Your friends and family cherish you but secretly wish for you to be more adventurous.

According to this how others see you viral quiz, others view you as someone who needs to get out of their comfort zone.

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Could You Relate With Your Doodle?

So that’s all for today. Remember it’s good to know about your personality, but don’t get carried away and start depending on others’ validation. Just work on yourself but keep being you!

Which doodle did you choose? We hope you could relate to your chosen option and got a handle on others’ perceptions of you.

Share this viral doodle personality test with your loved ones and let them discover more about themselves.

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Doodle Personality Test: The Doodle You Choose Reveals How Others See You Secretly

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  1. Scott Avatar

    Wow, totally wrong. I picked 4 and I’m always trying new things and usually getting in over my head.

    These descriptions sound like something a palm reader would tell you. Most people will hear it and say “oh that’s me!” When really they describe nearly everyone.


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