Why You Should Doodle More: 8 Mental Health Benefits Of Doodling

Mental Health Benefits Of Doodling

The art of doodling is often seen as a waste of time, something you do when you’re bored or distracted. For example, suppose you’re attending a seminar or an important meeting, chances are you might have seen someone doodling while the speaker is busy speaking about something important.

You might have judged them at that moment, by considering them as insincere and disrespectful. But the truth is that doodling is not actually a useless habit, as most people tend to believe.

Doodling can be really therapeutic and can act as a form of stress release for whenever you feel overwhelmed or even, bored. Additionally, it has a host of mental health benefits and can help you deal with anxiety, tension, and other sorts of negative feelings.

8 Mental Health Benefits Of Doodling

1. It can boost your creativity.

Believe it or not, the art of doodling can help you be a more creative person in the long run. It helps you express yourself in unique ways, and gives you an outlet to realize your thoughts and emotions. Every little thing that you doodle on paper is a reflection of who you are and shows your artistic side. And not just this, it can also help you come up with solutions and ideas to things that you were stuck on for a long time.

Doodling basically engages the unfocus circuits in your brain and gives some much-needed rest to the focus circuits. This helps you be at your creative best, which then pushes you to solve all the problems that you have been dealing with. It can also help you polish your ideas more, especially the ones which you’ve already had. The ideas that are already swirling in your mind, you can doodle them and give them shape, and this can help you bring your ideas to life.

Express yourself through doodling, and see how many amazing ideas come to life right in front of your eyes.

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2. It can help reduce your stress levels.

This one is probably a no-brainer. Doodling can help you cut back on your stress levels because it calms down your amygdala (the part of the brain that is responsible for the flight or fight response), which is associated with anxiety and stress, and helps you feel more relaxed and at peace. Moreover, research has proved that creative and artistic activities can make you feel less anxious, stressed, and impatient.

When you’re doodling, you’re making all sorts of lines, curves, and shapes on paper, over and over again. These repetitive movements help you to calm down and loosen up more. Furthermore, when you work on something, there is always a slight fear that you might make a mistake, but when doodling is concerned, that’s not the case. Since you’re only drawing lines and curves repeatedly, just in different ways, there’s hardly any scope for making mistakes.

3. It can make you feel happier.

Doodling doesn’t just make you more creative and relaxed, it can also make you feel happier. If you are in a bad mood, or something is making you feel overwhelmed and down in the dumps, and you choose to doodle something positive and happy, it can instantly uplift your mood. Studies have shown that doodling can really help you process your emotions better, and most importantly, in a healthy way.

Journaling is also an amazing way of understanding your thoughts and emotions, and if you add doodling to it, then there’s nothing like it. Adding doodles to your journal entries doesn’t only make your writings more lively, it also gives life to your emotions.

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