13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

bad habits that are actually good

Do you have annoying bad habits like biting nails, burping, being messy, or fidgeting? Want to get rid of them but are unable to? Feeling guilty of your bad habits? What if bad habits are not that bad for you? 

This post covers some of the common bad habits and how they benefit you when carried out in moderation. (You can’t see the benefits when you are addicted to bad habits).

13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

1. Fidgeting Burns Calories 

bad habits calories
13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

Do you struggle to quietly sit in one place? Can’t stop tapping your foot, doodling, or twiddling your thumb?  Then I have good news for you. 

Fidgeting burns calories! It is one of the non-exercise thermogenesis (NEAT) activities like walking or gardening. According to obesity expert James Levine at the Mayo Clinic, fidgeting speeds up metabolism by stimulating neurochemicals in the body. This process leads to the fast conversion of fat into energy, burning up about 350 kcal a day.

According to a study at the University of Missouri tapping your toes while sitting can protect the arteries in the legs, and potentially prevent arterial disease. Being moderately or very fidgety prevents negative health impacts of sitting for long hours, showed the study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

With so many health benefits, fidgeting shouldn’t be on the list of bad habits. Agree?

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2. Playing Video Games Kill The Pain

video games
13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

Playing video games is one of the sedentary and bad habits because it’s not physically demanding. But, scientific evidence showed that children with cancer who play video games after chemotherapy require less pain-killing medication. Playing video games work as pain-relieving therapy for patients with back pain and burns. 

Psychologists refer to it as a “cognitive distractor task” because it consumes all of our cognitive mind space. Because these games are engaging and easily distract our minds from anything else. Playing video games can be considered as one of the good habits because it also improves hand-eye coordination and reaction times, and offers educational learning benefits. What do you think?

3. Daydreaming Helps In Solving Problems 

13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

While daydreaming is always considered a bad habit, a brain scan study from Georgia Institute of Technology found that daydreamers are highly intelligent, creative, and better problem-solvers. Those with efficient brains reported frequent daydreaming. More the brain efficiency, more the capacity to think, so the mind can easily wander when performing easy tasks.

Daydreaming is good because it activates the “executive network” in our brain and areas associated with complex problem-solving. In this state, you can think beyond your immediate goals like reading a book and address important concerns like how to advance a career.

4. Chewing Gum Increases Thinking Power

chewing gum
13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

Chewing gum in school or at home irritates our elders. Nothing can stop them from scolding us even though this habit isn’t linked to health risks. You will be glad to know that chewing gum reduces stress and improves thinking power. Researchers from Cardiff University found that chewing gum lowered stress and improved alertness in workers. Reaction times among chewers were 10% faster than for non-chewers.  

Another study revealed that chewing gum selectively improves short-term and long-term memory in healthy volunteers. That could be the reason why athletes chew gum during games. As mentioned in the book Senescence and Senescence-Related Disorders, chewing gum immediately before performing a cognitive task increases blood oxygen levels in the parts of the brain involved in learning and memory—thereby improving task performance. 

5. Picking Nose And Biting Nails Strengthens Immunity 

nose picking
13 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You (Says Science)

Eating snot is one of the most disgusting, bad habits. Every time you see someone picking a nose you wanna puke. Don’t you?

To my surprise, researchers proved that it’s not a very bad habit. Austrian lung specialist, claims that picking nose makes you healthier and happier. Eating boogers strengthens the immune system. Boogers contain bacteria and other microorganisms which when they pass through the intestines boost our immune system. Boogers work like medicine. 

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