9 Surprising Benefits Of Bad Habits: The Lazy Person’s Guide


9 Surprising Benefits Of Bad Habits: The Lazy Person’s Guide

We are always told to stop our bad habits. The five bad habits that are looked upon with contempt include; laziness, having a foul mouth, procrastinating, being sarcastic as well as fidgeting. However, according to various studies, some of these ‘bad habits’ are not as terrible as we tend to think they are. Read on to find out the benefits of having these bad habits.

Here are 9 amazing benefits of bad habits:

1. A lazy person is efficient

If you are looking for someone to find a way to perform a challenging job, put a lazy person to do it. Lazy people are efficient in that they do not like to waste motions and will find the easiest way to do the job. They don’t want to use any more energy than is required. That is why they use their brain capacity more effective. Even the billionaire, Bill Gates, said that he will always choose to hire a lazy man to do a difficult job because such a person finds the easiest way to do it.

2. Sarcasm improves your creativity

Although it is a skill that is not appreciated by all, being sarcastic has its benefits. It challenges the creativity of the people both at the giving and receiving ends. One must identify the intended meaning by recognizing the difference between both the literal and actual meanings. When used with moderation and care, it can trigger creative thinking.

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3. Procrastinating makes you focus on a task

Many lazy people are also procrastinators hence wait until the last minute to perform a given chore. They then focus on the most significant bits. Most times when a person does an assignment earlier than the deadline, they end up adding unnecessary details and have to throw away most of it. Working last minute is fueled by the stress that helps you focus only on what is needed, and you won’t have to throw anything away. The lack of time also makes you work faster.

4. Laziness improves your creativity

Many people have gotten their ‘aha’ moment while lounging around. When you are not thinking about any specific thing, in particular, that’s when you get your best ideas. When you concentrate too much on piecing things together, you might get the opposite effect.

However, when you let go and let your brain wander, you might find the solution. Lazy people are said to have the best problem-solving skills. Walking outdoors without any purpose is considered one of the best brain training exercises which helps the brain to recover and increases creativity.

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5. Swearing reduces stress and pain

Although swearing is thought to be inappropriate, it does have its benefits. A foul-mouthed individual is better able to deal with emotions and in doing so accomplish significant stress reduction. Some studies have indicated that swearing is natural pain relief. Also, it improves your ability to withstand pain.

6. Gossiping gains you more social connections

People always assume gossip has negative effects. It does have its positive side. Conversing with your friends releases the hormone oxytocin which is also known as the ‘cuddle’ hormone.  Gossip strengthens your relationship with your friends and improves your trust and generosity,

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7. Napping and daydreaming can boost your brain activity

Taking downtime is essential to maintain brain health. Research shows that people who daydream a lot tend to have more efficient brains than those who don’t. They also are said to be more intellectual and are more creative.

8. You are not at risk of allergy reactions from dust mites

A well-made bed provides the perfect moist atmosphere for the breeding of dust mites and other allergens. Leaving your bed unmade exposes these to the air and makes them become dehydrated and die.

9. Fidgeting boosts your metabolism 

Can’t stay still even after being admonished for decades? Although many times your fidgeting will drive your friends and coworkers crazy, it does have a positive effect. It helps to boost your metabolism and also prevents some cardiovascular conditions such as arterial diseases. Various studies have shown that people who tend to tap their feet reap the benefit of ensuring blood circulation in the arteries in their legs. People who sit still for too long are at risk of getting an arterial disease in their legs.

Final words

Possessing these ‘bad habits’ is not always negative, one can take advantage of them and reap the above benefits from them. Most of them enhance your creativity. Being lazy is natural. Know that your body is made for lounging that’s why many times we tend to want to conserve energy. Bad habits are good for you.

9 Surprising Benefits Of Bad Habits The Lazy Person's Guide
9 Surprising Benefits Of Bad Habits: The Lazy Person's Guide
9 Surprising Benefits Of Bad Habits: The Lazy Person’s Guide
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