Why You Should Never Run Back To The Person Who Broke You

Never Run Back To The Person Who Broke You

Never Run Back To The Person Who Broke You

Are you still carrying the baggage from past relationships? Do you still hope for an improved relationship with your ex while reading those texts and cherishing those sugar-candy words of flattery?

They shattered your trust, abused you (emotionally, verbally, physically), made you feel alone, worthless and hopeless. He never loved the whole of you. You had a solid reason to let them go. Right?

After all that fighting, anger and arguments are you still longing to go back to that broke?

how someone can break your heart


Well, when we were head over heels in love with someone and cared for them wholeheartedly, it is natural to miss that person when we are distanced. Your brain tricks you with fantasies about the person coming back to you like a lost puppy, which is nowhere close to the reality of things.

Even if you get back to your ex, you will surely regret and revert back to not wanting that person ever again.

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Never run back to the person who broke you

Never run back to the person who broke you because you are feeling lonely and weak and just need someone familiar to comfort you. 

Just pause and ask yourself – What do I want?

Engage yourself in self-reflection or journal out your thoughts.

Do you want to go back to that liar or cheat even if that’s not the type of relationship you wanted long-term? Are you genuinely wanting to be with that person?

Is it some sort of fear or safety issue that is propelling you to return to exes? Is it financial security that is on your mind? Or are you just afraid to date someone new or feeling vulnerable in a new relationship?

Did you just realize that it was all your fault that ruined the beautiful relationship and now, since you have changed, so want to give your doomed relationship another chance? Are you sure your ex is too willing to rekindle? But did he or she express or demonstrate pain and remorse for hurting you?

What if the on-again and off-again cycle continues after getting back together? The result will be REGRET for moving backward, where you could have utilized the precious time in creating a new version of yourself and moving forward.

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If they were the ones who broke your heart, how do you expect them to seal your heartbreaks?

You have to stitch the broken chambers of your heart because no one else can or will do it.  It is but foolish to think your ex has changed for good, far more matured and things will be different this time.

Excesses of love

The chances are high that they will hurt you again. Because they can’t love you anymore. Their big fat ego doesn’t let them accept the breakup. They can’t tolerate that you left them, so they will try to win you back with sugar-coated sorry. But in all honesty, they haven’t changed. They don’t mean their apologies. They will continue to inflict pain even if they promised they wouldn’t.

Besides, how can you justify all those abuses and sexual infidelity?

I break my own heart

A person who loves you truly and sees the world in you can resist such temptations and never stop pursuing you even after being with you for years. And this is the reason why things didn’t work out the first time. If you forgive them easily, they will anticipate you have low self-confidence and self-esteem, which will boost them to drag you down and break your heart over and over.

So, never run back to the person who broke you.


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23 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Run Back To The Person Who Broke You”

  1. I learned one of the most powerful lesson this last year. The man I was very much in love with was betraying me in horrible ways. I was confronted by all of this on a Friday night. I spoke to him that night to let him know that I was aware of how and what he was doing. I have not spoken to him since. It is now 10 months and he has called, text and emailed many times. I have not answered any of his pleas. There is no going back, he broke me, I had my say and I have suffered but I will admit I miss him. I thought he was my best friend. He was not. In my weak moments and there are many I tell myself I deserve so much better. My powerful lesson is silence. I know that when I told him that Friday night he would never see me again or hear my voice I meant it. I have stayed true to myself and I know for a fact that my silence, my strength, my self respect is power. I feel in control of my destiny. I still don’t understand why he did what he did and probably never will but the power of silence gives me control over my life and I am honouring who I am as a woman. This is not easy to do but I have a life plan and disrespecting myself is not in it. There simply is no going back.

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