5 Ingredients For Attracting Happiness and Healthy Relationships in Your Life

Attracting Happiness Healthy Relationships

Happiness like sadness is temporary too and we all know there is no silver bullet for the pain. This is life this is how it’s supposed to be with ups and downs. We cannot be happy every day, there will be days when are low and sad but there are certain character traits which help us in attracting happiness.

Let’s take a look at few such character traits for attracting happiness and healthy relationships in your life:

1) Self-confidence

5 Ingredients For Attracting Happiness and Healthy Relationships in Your Life

There is only a thin line between self-confidence and arrogance. If your confidence is putting down someone or belittling them then it is arrogance. You cannot be good or great by putting down others. The urge to impress others and self-praise, showing off your money or materialistic possessions show how insecure and unhappy you are.

Happy people are content within themselves, they don’t need to advertise their achievement. Happy people get their confidence from helping others even if it overshadows them. Name and fame are not what they seek, recognition is not their goal but kindness and generosity.

Happy people believe in lifting people up instead of pushing them down. They know that their abilities and they know they cannot reach heights by using people as stairs. They don’t fake it, they are what they are, and it’s their real self that attracts happiness to them.

When one is true to oneself, there isn’t a mask present and people see you for who you really are and love you for that, this way you positive vibes attract healthy people and your relationships are healthier.

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2) Positivity

Positivity is a heavy word. There is a difference between having a positive attitude and faking positivity. Seriously people, stop doing this! Faking positivity does not even makes, you don’t need to stick that smile on your face all day long, and you don’t need to pretend that every wrong thing that happens to you is completely okay! No, it is not okay and that’s not positivity but stupidity.

With a positive attitude you don’t pretend that every wrong thing that is happening to you is ok but instead, you acknowledge it that it is wrong and then you accept the change needed for it. You workout to shed some light on it and make sure if it is wrong it doesn’t repeat. You’re not obliged to go through everything.

It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to not enjoy every moment and it’s to dislike people. The thing about positive people is that they don’t give up when they fall and a bad day is more of a lesson to them. They look for the good part, the silver lining, in the bad things. Remember first you need to acknowledge the problem and then you see the lesson it has brought for you.

And the big thing is positive people don’t let their wrath of the bad day take the good of them and inflict on other people. They don’t throw tantrums and don’t go on hurting people when they are hurt. They are calm, silent of course depressed but with the will to stand back up.

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3) Open and authentic

Open here refers to open to connections. Happiness is infectious and a happy person makes people around him happy. Happiness like positivity is not something you should fake, even if you do you cannot get away with it.

Sticking that plastic smile on your face and trying to be good to everyone raises alarms. People put on their guards and something inside them tells to not trust you because when you fake it you’re not being your authentic self. Fake breeds distrust and you cannot connect with people while wrapping yourself in a veil of lies.

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