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9 Reasons Why Parents Should Be Transparent to Their Kid

9 Reasons Why Parents Should Be Transparent to Their Kid

Being honest can be quite difficult for some people, especially when you’re confronted with your child that asks questions about everything. They should know this information and what their body is going through, because it can be stressful and very scary if they aren’t aware of what the process is.

1.  They Will Be Able To Make A Choice

Giving my child the ability to make their own choices because they come to me with questions and look for understanding, it’s very reassuring for their future.  

By being honest and open with your child, you’re allowing them to retain the necessary information they need to have to be able to make the right choice. They will be able to decide more and more for themselves which shows strong character and confidence. Plus this will form a strong base for positive mental health[1] as well.

2.  Building The Trust

Regardless of what parents tend to think, just because I’m a parent doesn’t mean that I automatically deserve trust. Trust should be earned between both parent and child.  Of course an aspect of respect should be present at all times.

But a parent should show that they can be trusted and create a special bond with their child. I know from experience that this can create a friendship that is everlasting between my child and myself.

3.  Ethics

One of the most important aspects a child needs to have a firm grasp on throughout their lives should be their own moral code, their ethics. By being honest with your child, not only are you providing a sense of moral clarity, you’ll also be encouraging truthfulness and doing the right thing.

4.  sexual Education

Have you ever wished that your parents were more honest with you when it came to discussing the birds and the bees[2]? When your child becomes a teenager, you must talk to him about topics like sexual transmitted diseases and how some viruses may be the cause of serious diseases like testicular cancer.

I made sure to not overstep and keep answers informative while not going into other related explanations that they didn’t ask for. Also this education is very important as it helps him self diagnose some of the sexual conditions like premature ejaculation.

If you as the parent shove out a ton of information, it’s more likely that the conversation will feel like they are being scolded or lectured, or even just overloaded with information all at once.

5.  Showing A Good Example

I remember as a child, growing up and seeing when my mom or dad would do something right, they would tell the truth, for example, if a cashier gave my mother too much change, my mother would return it. That inspired me as a child to be transparent and truthful, naturally.

That’s the key to being as truthful and transparent as you can when you’re a parent, it sets a naturally good example that your child will follow without even fully being able to explain why.  Of course morality comes into play as they get older and they understand right and wrong, but at an early age this kind of example is needed.

Written by Dwayne Austin

Dwayne Austin is a multi-faceted blogger. Through his meticulous and informative blogging, Dwayne hopes to contribute articles for curious readers. He aims to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle.

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