8 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best

Reasons Being Single Best

Solitude is underrated and being single is still a social stigma.
There is a joy in being single and it isn’t as bad as society wants us to believe.

Due to fear of being alone and in an attempt to dodge the questions that society hurls at us, many persist to a bad and toxic relationship.

People need to realize, being single is perfectly okay and none ever needs to endure a relationship just for the sake escaping the questions put on by the social stigma.

Of course, a relationship has its colors, and there is a different magical warm feeling of being in a relationship but if your relationship doesn’t feel like magic, it’s better to be single than being in a toxic and destructive relationship.

Being Single Used To Mean
8 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best

There is a comfort in being single and alone and you can feel it when you learn to enjoy your own company. A dysfunctional relationship gives you nothing but stress and pain.

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Being in a relationship requires you to open your heart out i.e be vulnerable and being vulnerable, my dear, makes you an easy prey for the predators out there.

8 reasons why it’s better to be single

1. It’s okay to sleep alone than with someone unworthy

Sex is much more than just physical intimacy; it is a magical experience where in you get connected spiritually. It’s better to spend the night alone than let someone unworthy have your body.

Sex is not everything and without love, sex is nothing but lust. It is better to sleep alone with comfort then submit yourself to lust.

2. It’s better to wake up alone than wake up beside a stranger.

It’s better to wake up alone with yourself respect intact than to wake up beside a stranger who was in your bed just for the sake of it.

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3. It’s better to eat alone than spend a boring evening with someone

Small talks are boring and nothing feels like a bigger waste than having to endure a boring date.

It’s better to eat alone and treat yourself rather than spending time with someone who doesn’t share anything in common with you, someone who cannot create interest.

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8 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best

4. It’s better to be carefree than be with someone doesn’t make you feel comfortable with being yourself.

I would rather be myself than be someone I am not just for the sake of a relationship.

Relationships are supposed to empower your true self. If you cannot be true to yourself or if your partner cannot embrace your real self, it’s better to be alone.

5. It’s better to attend events alone than with someone different every time

It’s way lot easier to take yourself there and enjoy. No embarrassments and no questions to dodge.

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6. It’s better to not get any messages than wait for one.

The best way to not be disappointed is to not expect. The relationship is full of expectations, it requires almost constant communication.

You share a part of your life and when you keep waiting for a text a hope and expectations within breaks leading you to disappointment.

While alone you just don’t expect or wait. You can throw yourself on the couch and relax knowing you don’t expect anything from someone and vice versa.

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