6 Struggles of Being In a Relationship After years of Being Single

6 Struggles of Being In a Relationship After years of Being Single

Common struggles of being in a relationship after years of being single.

Staying single because of the situations in life or by your own will for too long can modify your personality. You may become less accommodative and too accustomed to make most of your life decisions.

Living alone in the state of singlehood needs a great deal of freedom you definitely know the joy of not having to answer anything you do to anyone.

Things take a different turn when someone incredible makes an appearance in your life. Adjusting with someone becomes difficult after being alone. Even though you like that person but allowing him into your life also means several changes.

The changes may be too many and too sudden. While you may tell yourself you are doing fine, you may be making things too difficult.

Here are some signs you need more time before you can share your life with someone else:

6 Struggles of Being In a Relationship After years of Being Single

1. You feel comfortable sleeping alone

Having the entire bed to yourself is a great feeling. You can spread out and sleep in any position. The comforter and the pillow are all yours. One who has enjoyed this for long enough will find it difficult to give it up easily.

Even at night when others want to cuddle on to someone they are close to, you enjoy sleeping alone whether your bed is big or small. You may find discomfort from simple things like the movement of your boyfriend on your bed at night and interrupt your sleep.

2. You feel bad when he pays for your needs

Being on your own also means you are responsible for all your needs. A man comes into your life and begins to pay for your food, clothes, etc. initially it does not feel bad, but as days pass you begin to feel bad or even guilty.

If you express your willingness to pay, he may allow you to [ay for a few drinks but not for the entire dinner. Gradually, you find difficulty in bearing with it as you have been used to paying your bills and you feel you are still capable of doing it.

3. Sharing plans doesn’t feel good

You may not desire to reveal all your plans even when someone tries to take an important place in your life. Sometimes, you might just abhor the idea of telling someone telling him what exactly you wish to do on a Saturday night. Living alone and being single has given you the freedom to do your own things, just be by yourself, provide be doing nothing or just hanging around with your BFF.

4. You feel your space is intruded

You have to constantly pursue yourself you don’t mind sharing your space with anyone. However, when he leaves his stuff actor place after spending quite a few nights with you, the reality is out. You really begin to wonder if you are in the mental state are to share your space with anyone else.

5. Alone time is more desirable than being together

The plan meetings may become in the dating for you as you would want to know things off your choice. You may want to finish work by staying up late or may want to sleep early and go to the gym for a workout session all alone. You may also just want to watch Netflix in your pajamas and slurp some ice-cream rather than being with him or watching something he likes.

6. You don’t need someone to lean on even on bad days

A bad day in the office does not mean you need a shoulder to cry when you have been alone and single for too long. You have been used to the entire feeling of coping up with the emotional and mental crisis. With no one to talk to closely you may find it difficult to share your deepest fears the orange securities with anyone. Or, perhaps you have become too capable of dealing with them alone.

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