8 Daily Practices That Build a Strong Romantic Relationship


8 Daily Practices That Build a Strong Romantic Relationship

Relationships are the modern puzzle. You hardly ever know which move will lead you into which coup. Most of the times, I witness very strong relationships crumbling to dust because of bad techniques. Lying, cheating, gaslighting, ghosting, et cetera, are horrible tactics to use when you are looking for a sound relationship status. Trust is scarce, and happiness- even more so.

In this era of frayed mental health and fast fading sanity, all we are really looking for is a string of hope to latch on to. That is mostly present in the form of a romantic partner. When we do, in fact, find our way to this magic, we tend to mess things up with or without intention, and then wonder where the good old times went. It is important to consciously labor for a healthy, and a happy bond between the two of you.

Developing certain traits and practicing them constantly, will help you make your relationship long-lasting and much more peaceful.

Here is a list of right things that you can do to find make your bond last:

1. Go Out On Dates

Irrespective of how long you have been together, you need to learn how to keep the spark alive. Dates are not limited to the first few days or weeks of the relationship. Dress up, go out somewhere that makes you both feel special. Share a dinner, watch the stars, talk about each other. Keep the worries and the quarrels away. Don’t even talk about work. Imagine meeting your partner for the first time, and trying to win them over once again. This will keep the love in the relationship fresh, and keep your bond from stagnation. Every day should feel like the very first time that you saw them.

2. A Method To Resolve Fights

You should decide on a mutual procedure to resolve whatever issues you may have. Having fought in a relationship is very normal. But using cold war techniques to deal with it is beyond simply detrimental. Don’t shut your partner out. Instead, fix a regiment. Either talk it out or let things pass. Don’t hold the grudge. It is better to sit and be honest with each other about the likes and dislikes, rather than trying to get them to read your mind. It will prove to be a healthy practice in the long run.

3. Flirt Through And Through

Treat each other like you did at the beginning. Keep reminding them that you appreciate them, and are on their side. It helps to know that your partner is just as crazy about you as they were when you first started out. It makes one feel happy and gives a longer life to the relationship you share with each other. Send them cute little texts while at work, or leave them flirty notes when you go out. Make sure you keep reminding them that they are special, and you love them just the same as you had when you got together.

4. Divide Household Chores

Do not make your partner your slave. Divide the chores that need to be done around the house. Do not depend on the other person to take care of the dirty work simply because they do it without complaint. It leads them to amass resentment within them that they probably cannot address. Offer to help them out, take an initiative and clean the cupboard. Remember that it is your place of habitation too, and you have no plausible excuse that can give you a rain-check from duties in your own home.

 5. Take Trips Regularly

Get away from the cacophony of the city, and the tough schedules of work that keep you from each other. Take a weekend get-away, and get lost in the company of the one you love. You will get to talk without interruption, and have fun like old times. Make sure you keep your phone away for the most part. This is not a time that you want technology to mar. There will always be space for work and commitments later. Right now, focus on your partner, and forget everything else. They deserve your undivided attention every now and then.

6. Praise One Another

You have probably said this a million times, but keep doing it. Irrespective of how bored you think they might be, one never quite grows tired of being reminded of how special they are. “Your eyes are beautiful”, “that shirt looks really nice”, “your hands are really pretty”- small compliments can really make your day. When you have been together for a long time, people sometimes forget to appreciate one another. Think back to your early days. Remember flirting and telling them about all their greatest qualities? Never lose touch with that. Being constantly reminded of your gratitude is what keeps a relationship warm.

 7. Party Together

Whenever either of you achieves something or reach a goal, make sure you indulge in revelry. It shows the other person that you are extremely proud of them and happy for their win. Having a partner who can wish the best for you, irrespective of their own standing is something to envy and protect. So, let them know that you are there for them. Celebrate each other. It does not have to be very elaborate or expensive. Just the thought and a little effort can go a very, very long way into reaffirming a relationship.

8. Honesty

This is the most crucial requirement to keep any form of bond alive. If you cannot be honest with the person you love, then you probably are not doing this right. You may have committed a massive blunder, but if you’re honest about it, they will probably understand. A relationship built on lies crumbles faster than statues of sand. Don’t lie and disrespect the loving connection that you share with them. It takes a lot of courage, to be honest, and sometimes it has dire consequences. But it is always better to sleep with a clear conscience then stay awake planning another barrage of lies.

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8 Daily Practices That Build a Strong Romantic Relationship

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