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7 Signs You Are A Slave of The Modern World

Signs You Are A Slave of The Modern World

Most people think that they are free individuals, but in reality, they are nothing but slaves.

To be a slave doesn’t necessarily mean that you are chained and your body is owned by someone. There are many other, more subtle forms of slavery, about which you are going to read now.

So here are 7 signs showing that you are a slave, along with helpful tips on how to become free from the constraints that are keeping you down:

7 Signs You Are A Slave of The Modern World
7 Signs You Are A Slave of The Modern World


television is monster
7 Signs You Are A Slave of The Modern World

A clear sign that you are a slave is that you waste much of your daily life being manipulated by carefully programmed mainstream television.

TV is constantly trying to control your life, by selling you lies through advertising that only wants to convince you that you are not enough as you are and that you should spend money on products in order to make your life better.

In addition, TV is promoting propaganda through its so-called journalism, which is brainwashing you through the use of fearinstilling all sorts of beliefs in your mind, without providing any solid evidence for them. Television is also hypnotizing you with silly soaps and shows that turn you to nothing bad a lazy, passive person, that doesn’t move, think, or react to all the negative things that are happening to your life and the world.

Television is slowly transforming you into a zombie, and the sooner you escape from it, the more you will be able to live free, with less fear and superficial desires, and more passion.


Politicians don’t want to bring true positive change to the world we live in – on the contrary, they try to prevent any change from happening, so that they can continue sitting on the chair of power, pretending that they are caring for your problems.

Supporting politicians is a clear sign that you have a slave mentality, wanting others to lead you, and take responsibility for your life, no matter how many times history has proven that politicians are inadequate problem-solvers. Freedom and responsibility always go hand in hand, so if you want to become free, take responsibility in your hands, and stop blaming others.


Do you always feel that you don’t have enough material things? Do you follow fashion trends, always wanting to buy new stuff, and preferably expensive products of well-known brands, desiring to look like your favorite celebrities, believing that by possessing them you will look shiny and feel happy?

Manipulative advertising has made us believe that by buying stuff we will feel fulfilled and satisfied. The reality, however, is that material things can only provide us with mere substitutes for what we truly desire — that is, inner peace, love, and connection with people and nature — which material possessions can never satisfy, thus they will always leave us disappointed and emotionally thirsty.

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Another clear sign that you are a slave is that you have been indoctrinated by organized religion, blindly following its beliefs and dogmas, without ever casting a single doubt on them, afraid to rebel against them, out of fear that you might sin and be sent to hell.

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