7 Deal Breakers for Women

7 Deal Breakers for Women

First dates are usually full of pressure: the pressures to look good, to be charming and to show your date a good time. One way to deal with it is to get really nervous and spend 2 hours practicing in front of a mirror. Or you can just make sure you avoid these deal breakers for women and ensure that you make a great first impression.

1. You smell

Hopefully, you already know how important it is to take a shower and brush your teeth before a date. If you really can’t (i.e. you’re meeting for drinks after work), make sure you don’t eat a spicy lunch and skip that noontime workout. Bad breath, body odor, and stank feet are definite don’ts.

2. You have 3 beers before the appetizers arrive

Maybe you had a stressful day – or you just really like beer. Either way, keep your drinking to a minimum. One drink before the meal and one drink during is a safe bet. You can always go out for more afterwards. If you do go for drinks however, don’t get smashed. Puking on her (likely expensive) shoes is no goodnight kiss and is a definite deal breaker for women.

3. You put on a show

Don’t pretend you’re a big-time financial advisor if you really just crunch numbers in a cubicle. Trying to be someone you think she’ll like will only backfire in the end. Be genuine and honest, and chances are she’ll like you exactly the way you are. If not, her loss. Or you need a better job. Just kidding.

4. You wear grimy sneakers

Don’t wear your mud-stained shoes or wrinkled clothes, even if you don’t usually dress up. First impressions count, and it’s easy to turn people off if they think you haven’t made an effort. Dress to impress: put on some classy clothes and a nice pair of shoes. Clean shoes tell a woman that you take the time to care for yourself and your things.

5. You talk about yourself the entire time

It’s important to show interest in your date. Telling her about you is fine, but long-winded anecdotes and stories you might find funny may be more of a bore. Keep stories short and don’t forget to ask her questions about her.

6. You don’t talk at all

Being shy or tired is no excuse. The first date is your time to shine. You have a few hours to show her what type of person you are, so it’s important to make an effort. Show your personality, be charming and most importantly, be confident.

7. You bring up taboo topics

Asking her how many people she`s slept with or which side of the Middle East conflict she’s on halfway through appetizers can be a little disarming. Don’t bring up controversial issues that might get a rise out of her or cause conflict. Try to keep the conversation light and friendly.

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7 Deal Breakers for Women
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