25 Interesting Psychology Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Interesting Psychology Facts

Everyone is intrigued when it comes to the subject of psychology, especially human psychology. And why not? Why we behave a certain way, and the reasons associated with such interesting psychology facts are always fascinating to learn about.

Why you do what you do or why you feel the way you feel, is all about how your mind functions. And the way your mind works has a great influence on the way you are and your actions. The human psyche is a complicated subject and scientists are researching it for decades. New studies are published every day explaining human nature and behavior.

Learning psychology facts will boost your self-awareness and knowledge of why you are the way you are. As well as help you better deal or network with people keeping in mind the patterns you notice in yourself and others.

So, are you ready to know some of the most mind-blowing and interesting psychology facts, that will make you go “Woah!”?

25 interesting psychology facts that will take you by surprise

1. Almost twice as many serial killers are born in November.

2. Comedians and funny people are actually more depressed than others.

Comedians And Funny People Are Usually More Depressed Than Average

3. We change our voice when we talk to high-status people, a new study says.

4. Expressing sarcasm to or receiving sarcasm from trusted others, increases creativity without elevating conflict.

Sarcasm increases creativity.

5. People who dance often are likely to have higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.

People who dance often are likely to have higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.

6. Being a perfectionist can result in stress and depression.

7. Wanna know if someone is watching you? Just yawn and look around. Yawning is highly contagious. So if someone is watching you, he will yawn too.

8. You can’t swallow and breathe at the same time.

9. Washing your hands makes you more optimistic.

10. If you want someone to like you, ask them for a small favor like a book or a pen.

11. Women who smile more often are more attractive. Men who smile less and appear serious on the other hand are more attractive.

12. To win at the “rock, scissors, paper game”, right before playing it, ask your opponent a random question. Most of the time because of confusion, he will throw scissors.

13. Convincing yourself you slept well tricks your brain into thinking it did.

Convincing Yourself You Slept Well, Tricks Your Brain Into Thinking It Did

14. Your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life.

Your Favorite Song Is Your Favorite Because

15. People who lose their virginity later than their teenage years are more likely to enjoy satisfying relationships later in life, according to a new study.

16. Girls don’t like being stared at unless they are already staring at you.

17. If you want to get a positive response from someone, nod while you talk. He’ll more likely agree with what you’re saying.

18. Most internet trolls are narcissistic, sadistic, and psychopathic in nature.

Scientists Claim Most Internet Trolls Are Narcissistc

19. Never put your favorite song as the alarm. You’ll end up hating it.

20. Women look more attractive when they’re fertile.

21. When you can’t get a person out of your head, they’re thinking about you too.

22. If you ever have a hard time remembering something, try pressing your fists when you think about the subject in question.

23. Fold your arms while you talk. If the other person did not do the same, they’re not interested in talking with you.

24. Talking to yourself can make your brain more efficient.

25. If a person says little but talks quickly, then he is hiding something.

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