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21 Tree Hill Quotes to Get You Through Life


Tree Hill Quotes to Get You Through Life

Here are some tree hill quotes to get you through life:

1. “But our biggest regrets are not for the things we did but for the things we didn’t do, things we didn’t say that could have saved someone we care about. Especially when we can see the dark storm that’s headed their way.”

2.“I gave you my heart and that’s all I can give you, and if that’s not enough, then I’m not enough.”

3.“People think that if you love somebody hard enough then everything is just gonna work out. People are wrong.”

4.” At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes — all you need is one.”

5.“Because it’s only when you’re tested that you truly discover who you are. And it’s only when you’re tested that you discover who you can be. The person that you want to do exist, somewhere on the other side of hard work and faith, and belief and beyond the heartache and fear of what life has.”

6.“There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment, you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up.”

7.“Have you ever wondered what marks our time here? If one life can really make an impact on the world…or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives. For better…or worse.”

8.“Truth is still absolute. Believe that. Even when that truth is hard and cold, and more painful than you’ve ever imagined. And even when truth is more cruel than any lie.”

9.“If you’re always looking for reasons not to be with somebody, then you’ll always find them. Sometimes you just need to let go and give your heart what it deserves.”

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10.“Give me regret as long as I can keep the good memories too.” 

11.“Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic but gaining your heart’s desire? It’s all you can hope for, this year I wished for love… to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted and if having that is tragic then give me tragedy, because I wouldn’t give it back for the world.”

12.“Sometimes pain becomes such a huge part of your life that you expect it to always be there. Because you can’t remember a time in your life when it wasn’t, but then one day you feel something else. something that feels wrong, only because it’s so unfamiliar. then at that moment, you realize you’re happy.”

13.“I am not pushing you away… I am holding on for dear life, but I need you to need me back.”

14.“She’s the first thing I think about every day. How is she? Does she miss me as I miss her? How do I get her back? And then another day without her begins.”

15.“Albert Camus once wrote, “Blessed are the hearts that can bend, for they shall never be broken.” But I wonder, if there’s no breaking, then there’s no healing. And if there’s no healing, then there’s no learning. And if there’s no learning, then there’s no struggle. But the struggle is a part of life. So must all hearts be broken?”

16.“I don’t really think people can change, you know, at the end of the day you are who you are and it’s probably who you’ve always been.”

17.“That’s where they get you… thinking you got a choice. Love finds you, son. You don’t find love.” 

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18.“Grief is like the ocean. It’s deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night…quiet, persistent, unfair…diminished by time and faith and love.”

19.“But what are we waiting for? All we have is now. Don’t run from this.”

Written by Kirsten Corley. For more of Kirsten’s work, follow her Facebook fan page.

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