12 Ways Your Partner Acts Which Show They Don’t Love You Anymore


(10)  You are the one to initiate conversations:

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They hardly talk to you. They don’t care to talk to you at all. You are the one who always start the conversations and they seem to be disinterested in continuing them. The long conversations the two of you enjoyed have lost their charm.


(11)  Your physical presence has lost its importance:

They don’t crave for your physical presence anymore. They aren’t bothered if you are around at all. They aren’t excited if you come and meet them. They tend to treat you like a ghost when you’re around.


(12)  There’s hardly physical intimacy between the two of you:

Kisses or hugs… forget them! Making out? That’s a forgotten past. They don’t feel sexually attracted towards you anymore. The moment physical relationship comes to an end, it’s an indication the relationship will end soon too.

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12 Ways Your Partner Acts Which Show They Don’t Love You Anymore

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