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11 Promises You Should Make To Yourself and Keep

Promises Make Yourself Keep

If we want to transcend the barriers of social conditioning, discover who we really are and blossom into our highest potential, we need to embark on a warrior’s journey. Make a promise to self that will assist you on your hero’s journey.

“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive—the risk to be alive and express what we really are.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Since the day we are born, we are socially conditioned to believe certain ideas and concepts about ourselves, about who we are, about our likes and dislikes, about what we can do and cannot do, about our very own nature and we grow up with an image of who we are with limited concepts and beliefs about ourselves.

We live in fear, tamed and domesticated, running on an auto pilot mode, never really stopping for a moment to discover who we really are and what do we want to do with our lives.

“Society tames the wolf into a dog. And man is the most domesticated animal of all.”
– Nietzsche

If we want to transcend the barriers of social conditioning, discover who we really are and blossom into our highest potential, we need to embark on a warrior’s journey.

A warrior’s journey: to discover our true self beyond the shackles of cultural conditioning.
A warrior’s journey: to own our personal power and create our own path.
A warrior’s journey: to blossom into our highest potential and sharing our gifts with the world.

So, let’s get started.

Let’s embark on this Warrior’s Journey together!

First and foremost, free yourself from the negativity of the world, from the voices that keep telling you what you can and cannot do, just shut them out.

Secondly, have no fixed concept in your head about yourself. Thinking that you can do this and cannot do that, you like this and do not like that, you are an introvert or an extrovert etc.

Let all these limited beliefs and identities that you have in your mind about yourself go.

Thirdly, get in touch with your inner self, the core of your being to discover who you really are. You can do this by setting some time for solitude or quiet contemplation or meditation.

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“When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you’ve begun to master your life”-John Demartini, Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

Once you get clarity on who you really are, what your true values are, what matters to you, what excites you, what your true purpose is. The next step is the courage to live that purpose.

Embarking on your hero’s journey, stepping into your highest potential and living your purpose is a lifelong process that requires everyday commitment and hard work. Start making a promise to self.

I have compiled a list of 11 promises that you can make to self to assist you on your hero’s journey:

1). “I will refuse to let myself be held hostage against my past”

Everything in life is there to teach us and not punish us. Our problems, mistakes, setbacks, regrets and weaknesses can teach us a lot if we are willing to learn. So let them teach you, everyday. Take the learning from everything that you encounter.

If you regret some of the decisions you made in the past, stop being so hard on yourself. You did the best you could with the level of understanding and experience you had at that time.

If you were to make those decisions with the wisdom you have today, you would chose differently. So cut yourself some slack.

Just take the lesson from your past and leave all the bitterness and regret behind.


2). “I will take complete responsibility for my life”

The quality of your life is 100% your responsibility. Promise to self that you will take complete responsibility for your life.

We create the life that we want and the quality of our lives comes down to choices that we make.
Yes, you read that right.Our life is the sum total of all the choices that we make: little or big, day in and day out, moment to moment.

We cannot delegate the responsibility for our life to someone else and blame our parents, government or mentors for the quality of our lives. If we want to change, if we want to grow, if we want to move on, then we are the only ones that can make it happen.

It’s YOUR life! YOUR move! YOUR responsibility! OWN IT!!

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3). “I will speak consciously to myself”

Have you ever heard the inner voice that keeps on whispering to you? Is it kind or does it instill doubts and fears in you?
Are your words to yourself inspiring, soothing and encouraging or do they belittle and humiliate you?
Would you utter these words to a friend ever?

There is something inside us that silently listens to our every word and tends to believe them without even questioning its authenticity a.k.a (our subconscious mind).

So, make this promise to self, stay mindful, speak to yourself kindly and consciously and be your own best friend.

4). “I will let my heart and soul guide me”

There is deep wisdom hidden inside the recesses of our heart and soul. But instead of letting the inner voice guide us, we knock on every other door outside.

If we try to live our lives according to standards set by others, we might create a life that will look very good on paper but it will starve our soul.
So, in order to live an authentic life, commit to living a life that is true to yourself and let your heart and soul guide you on this journey..

When you start following your inner voice, the right doors will start opening for you.

“Follow your bliss.
If you do follow your bliss,
you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living
is the one you are living.
When you can see that,
you begin to meet people
who are in the field of your bliss,
and they open the doors to you.
I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid,
and doors will open
where you didn’t know they were going to be.
If you follow your bliss,
doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”
― Joseph Campbell

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5). “I will live an authentic life

Promise to self that you will live a life that is true to yourself, that resonates with your values and purpose. When you embark on a journey to live your authentic life, it may clash with some people’s opinions of how life is supposed to be. And that’s ok. You have to find the courage to follow the path that makes you happy and not bother about other people’s opinions.

It might also mean fall out of certain relationships with people who do not understand your journey. Wish them well and let them go.

When you walk on the path that resonates with your soul purpose, you will automatically attract your soul tribe and people who are meant to be in your life will find you.

6). “I will let go of relationships that are not meant for me”

We meet a lot of people in our lives that come to teach us something and once their role in our story is over, they leave.
Not all relationships are meant to last and that’s ok. Just open your heart and mind to love and learning, and you will realize everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

We are exactly where we are supposed to be. Make peace with it and let go of the relationships that are not meant to be.

7). “I will celebrate and appreciate the gift called Life”

Take a breath of fresh air and look at your life with the proper perspective. While we crib about a bad wifi connection or delayed flight, there are people who do not have access to clean water or electricity. We have a lot in life to be grateful for.

Life is a beautiful gift. Promise to self that you will appreciate and value what you have and make the most of it.

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8). “I will not let any situation steal my joy permanently”

Life is a beautiful dance of polarities. Happiness and sadness, good times and bad times, come and go. Remember who you really ARE beyond these polarities and walk through them confidently.

No situation is really so big or worth it to steal your smile. Find a solution to a problem if it can be solved or let go if it can’t be. What’s the point of worrying?

9). “I will own my gifts and use them to make a difference”

“Everyone is gifted – but some people never open their package!”― Wolfgang Riebe, 100 Quotes to Make You Think!

Discover your potential, own your gifts, blossom into your highest self and share your gifts with the world
There is no greater sense of satisfaction or fulfilment than that.

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10). “I will stretch myself beyond the boundaries of comfort”

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place…but nothing ever grows there.”

If you want to grow in life, you have to learn to stretch yourself beyond the boundaries of comfort. The best things in life happen at the exit gate of your comfort zone.

comfort zone

Sure, trying something new can have risks and setbacks and pain and disappointments but you can never really learn and grow if you don’t expose yourself to things beyond your comfort zone.

Learn to celebrate your effort and all the incremental learning that comes along the way to keep yourself from getting disheartened by the setbacks or bumps you might face on the way.

11). “I will dedicate myself to personal excellence and growth”

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Promise to self to become excellent. Excellence is never by accident. It is a result of right intention, focused effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Commit yourself to improve and growing every day.

It’s about being meticulous and making progress everyday – whether it is a small step that you take towards your goal or a lesson learned.
Be dedicated to learning and growing every day.

promise to self
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Shweta Advani

An HR consultant by profession, a slam poet and freelance writer.Avid reader,dancer and yoga enthusiast. When I am not reading or writing, I star gaze or take long walks in nature.View Author posts

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