10 Rules Of No Contact With A Narcissist

 January 08, 2017

10 Rules Of No Contact With A Narcissist

I would have thrived post-narcissistic abuse in the Pride and Prejudice era.  With letter writing and brooding whilst looking out my window onto the lovely English countryside. The idea that when something was done, it was done.  And that you had space and time to grieve and heal.  Living in a time where you can check up on the narcissist via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat anytime and anywhere is tempting but counterproductive to the healing process.

The bottom line to No Contact is caring enough about yourself to heal fully from the trauma created intentionally by the narcissist.  You deserve that.  Quite honestly, he’d love knowing you were looking for him.  I urge you to not give him that hit of narcissistic supply. Okay, true, he won’t know that you aren’t peeking.  But YOU know that you aren’t. That’s what is important.

Yes, Virginia, there are monsters in this world.  Sadly, they look an awful lot like that charming man who sold you a beautiful dream and left you with a nightmare. Stay strong; stay No Contact.  It’s a gift that will allow to regain control of you life.  That girl you once were?  She’s still inside of you and she is going to do amazing things.  She will feel strong again.  And you will absolutely love again.  I don’t always know much, but I promise you that.

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10 Rules Of No Contact With A Narcissist

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