10 Most Crucial Positive Emotions To Cultivate Daily According To Positive Psychology

 May 12, 2017


6. Hope:

Hope, I think is the strongest positive emotion here because it comes when the circumstances are not favourable. We are lost in our lives and broken.  Hope is the only emotion which has kept people alive even after major terrorist attacks everywhere. Hope is when we fear the worst but still yearning for better. Never let this emotion die within you, Rather nurture it and hope that tomorrow will be better than today.


7. Love:

Love is probably the most complicated emotion but yet the most beautiful one. Imagine the world without love. This is the most frequent positive emotion that people experience, Not only between couples but also within almost all warm relationships.  Positive psychology says that experiencing a sense of lovingness with everyone makes us stronger mentally.


8. Amusement:  

we all know how people become too serious in life to achieve their goals. Amusement is an emotion which keeps us light. Maybe through humor, comedy shows, laughing around with friends etc, this is an extremely important emotion to nurture every day.  Psychology says that people who feel more amused focus more on positive things in life.


9. Inspiration:

When we feel mentally stimulated to do something big or extraordinary, it is the feeling of inspiration within us. It is a great positive emotion which can be cultivated in our daily lives as everything around us is inspiring and if we can feel that, it brings a tremendous resilience power and hopes within us. So, feel inspired.


10. Joy:

The closest emotion to happy is Joy. Situations in life where we have got better results than expected or we have felt safer and cherished, we have felt joy. With this emotion, we become more playful and when we become more playful, we open up and start learning. Joy is that kind of upbeat positive emotion.


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