This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Treats Their Exes

This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Treats Their Exes


Aries is the zodiac sign of highly radiant and intense people. It gets reflected in their relationships too. They put in their utmost effort when it comes to their love life and relationship. Hence they don’t let them go easily. It becomes difficult for them to cut off ties with someone they loved. They end up becoming friends with their exes.



Now we are talking about the obstinate but passionate beings. They exemplify the concept of passionate love in relationships. Hence, their break-up takes them to either of two directions. First direction leads them to sever all ties with their ex. However, it doesn’t let them move on easily. The other direction takes them to a state where they cling onto the memories of their beloved. No matter what they do, they, mostly, are trapped in the past affair.



Gemini is the zodiac sign of sentimental people. The sentiments come into play when they breakup with someone. They don’t find it easy to get rid of their feelings for their ex. They may not be in touch with their ex, yet the memory remains intact with them for some time. However, this doesn’t mean that a breakup can bother them for long time. They find a distraction soon.



Cancer are sensitive yet strong people. They don’t open their heart in front of too many people. Hence, when they breakup you won’t find them crying ever. It isn’t because they don’t cry, but they cry in their own company. However, their strength helps them in moving on too.



Leo people are attention seeking beings. When they breakup they don’t leave being the centre of attraction. They seek the attention of their exes by dating other singles. You won’t find them whining over something ever.



They are intelligent and emotional people. Sometimes you will find them to be reserved too. This intellect and reserved nature signal that once they breakup with someone, there is no going back. Especially, if the reason is their ex, they will never go back to the ex ever again. They prefer cutting off all the ties at once.



Librans are loving, caring and the nicest people you will come across. This nature is reflected in their relationship too. They care and love their beloved to the extent that it becomes difficult for them to move on. They feel a void in their life when they breakup. This causes lots of crying and depression too. Though, they don’t express it ever in front of their exes. Instead, they behave nicely with them.



The scorpions are born with the love for power. This power hunger makes them a bit introvert when it comes to expressing their emotions. They feel like losing strength in doing so. When they breakup with someone, they put in their maximum effort to hide their hurting heart. They are successful to the extent that people start believing that they never had any emotion for them in the first place. Nonetheless, they behave pretty nicely with their exes. Yet their cool approach gives a sense of coldness, which makes it difficult for a person to know, if they ever cared or not.