Zodiac Signs Ranked In Order of Their Craziness As Exes.

12 Zodiac Signs Ranked In Order of Their Craziness As Exes.

Here are 12 Zodiacs ranked according to their craziness as exes.

Breakups are hard to deal with no matter who did it. If you get ditched, you will drown in depression and if it’s otherwise, you will turn into a villain. If you belong to the second category, then get prepared to be labeled as cruel, insensitive, dishonest and anything under the sun which will represent you as a negative soul. It also depends on the zodiac sign of your ex.

Since people act mostly according to the traits of their respective zodiac signs, understanding these traits will help you to know how crazy your ex can be. You should keep this in mind while breaking up.

The list given here is on a scale of highest to the lowest zodiac signs ranked according to their craziness as exes. Find out 12 zodiacs ranked in order of their craziness as exes.

(1) Scorpio:

Perhaps the most dangerous sign is Scorpio. You can rest assured that Scorpio will not bother you by calling a dozen times every day or even make attempts to reach out to you. The Scorpio is smart and the craziest among the signs as the ex. The Scorpio will fake happiness when they are boiling inside. They don’t need to get in touch with you for getting your details. They have their eyes around you. Don’t be surprised if you have a feeling that they are watching over you. I know a Scorpio who drove for 4 hours in the snow to catch his ex dating someone else. He had waited in front of her office for 2 hours only to see her with her boyfriend. If this isn’t crazy enough, what else can it be?

(2) Leo:

Oops! You have hurt the lion’s ego. Now that’s really bad. So, what’s next? Get prepared to face their wrath. The egoist Leo will have a hard time letting their peers know that the person they loved so much has left them. This will make them go insane. When Leo goes insane, the world faces its roar. They will not leave any stone unturned to get in touch with you. You will get to hear from them very frequently and not all words will be words of love or apology for something they have done or pleas to get back to them. They will blast you off owing to their temper. The craziness comes from the pain of loving someone deeply. When Leo falls in love, they make their partner very special and losing that precious person is indeed very traumatic for them. They really have a tough time dealing with the break-up.

(3) Gemini:

The twins will disturb you a lot for breaking their hearts. A Gemini might not be in love with you but will still tell you they are, mostly because they fear moving on alone. Their dependence on you holds them back. At one moment, they will tell you they are okay to be just as friends; the next moment, they will tell you how much they love you. It’s their fear of losing you and being alone that brings this sort of polarization in their attitude.

(4) Virgo:

Virgo is mostly the calm one but once heart-broken, they become crazy like a Scorpio. The Virgo ex will act as if they are okay with the break-up and will try to restrain their anger. In the beginning, you will feel that your ex has moved on and right when you think that you have some peace in your life, your ex will tell you how much they hate you; your ex will tell you negative things about you. So, beware.

(5) Pisces:

The most harmless of the lot, the Pisces ex will not bother you like a psychopath. All you will get to hear or see is loads of poems, stories, novels or music is written or created by them just for you. The creative fish will let you know how much they love you, how much they have wished to be with you and how fate had snatched you away from them. They will talk about after-life and be finding peace with you there. Remember, the fish never had a sense of time. So, they wouldn’t care to ring you up at 3 am in the night and tell you about their fate even if they know how hectic your work schedule is. There are two probabilities. Either you will inspire them to create their masterpiece or you will become their subject of wrath. Either of it will make you famous.

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