What Your Zodiac Reveals About Your Hidden Natural Talent

Here's What Your Zodiac Reveals About Your Hidden Natural Talent

What does your zodiac sign say about your work-style and which careers are you suited to? Also, what are your hidden talents and unexpected career options?


You’re extroverted so anything that involves showing off your talents or expressing yourself will appeal to you. Many Aries have ambitions to make it big and have the drive to do that.

You’re a great leader and others are quick to recognize and respect your aura of leadership. You’re quite versatile, which means that you would suit many varied industries but you have to be careful as you have a very limited attention span.

If you want to switch industries, make sure your core competency remains the same; you want your years in the workforce to accumulate and make you an expert. You have zero patience for painting or photography or working at the florist.

Common careers: CEO/leadership roles, politician, entrepreneur, business development manager, professor

The flip: Independent, quick-witted with good ideas, you can also be spontaneous when required. You also like doing things solo rather than in a group, so perhaps team environments are not your thing.


You’re a tricky sign. You can work hard, but you can also be lazy. However, you’re rather materialistic and like your creature comforts, plus, you’re very determined so you will aim high and chances are you will find success.

You also like stability and find comfort in familiarity and routines. Out of all the earth signs who are pragmatic and sensible, you are most in tune with your feelings and with managing emotions. While you do have a temper, it does take a long time to build.

Your colleagues will love how dependable and even-tempered you are. Be careful to recognise when you’re in a rut at work because your stubbornness and refusal to budge could result in denial and a halted career. If you’re in a job that doesn’t appreciate you, leave.

Common careers: doctor (general practitioner), retail manager or entrepreneur, educator, banker, real estate agent, urban gardener, project manager

The flip: You will find careers which can take sudden unexpected turns such as stockbroking or neuro-surgery to be too nauseating, but patience is a virtue of yours, and you’d be the kind to start an enterprise or project and painstakingly nurture its growth. Yes, we could tell by seeing how you aced Farmville! Ruled by Venus, you also have an eye for beautiful things.

Unexpected careers: art gallery owner/curator, photographer, filmmaker, interior designer, makeup artist, baker, sculptor


You’ve often been described as hyperactive and need constant intellectual stimulation. You’re smart, quick-witted and have the best comebacks

You enjoy a busy and fast paced environment, and are not usually found in a boring office cubicle. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication so you are able to connect in many different ways. You’re also charming and make friends easily; you thrive in social situations.

You like to be connected to everyone, so the internet is your friend. You’re also very creative and will have many original ideas in your lifetime. However, as we know, you have another face, which means that sometimes you will be moody and not feel like working, especially if the job’s starting to feel like it’s cramping your freedom.

You need to be free. You also have the gift of the gab, so anything that requires talking a lot will suit you.

Common careers: public relations specialist, creative director in advertising, journalist, actor, social media strategist, events organizer, speaker, mixologist.

The flip: Geminis actually have a very good understanding of technical terms and concepts. Being a scientist is out of the question (too many days spent cooped up in dark labs and no patience for experiments to yield results). Forensics and anything top secret such as being an FBI agent, private investigator or spy is also out of the question because, well, the blab.

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