How Zodiac Signs Are With You?


How Zodiac Signs Are With You? Signs Treating You Good

How zodiac signs are with you? Everyone you meet sees a different version of you! To some you are good, to some, you can be stinky! So, how does each zodiac sign treat you?

There’s a saying, good girls want bad boys who will be good only to them and bad boys want good girls who will be bad only to them.

We don’t know how much truth is there in that saying, but we all like to be with a person who will treat us special. There will be a side to them that only we will be privy to seeing.

If they are too reserved, they will open up just to us, if they are too flirtatious, they will be dedicated only to us…so on…

While that can be a normal human sentiment, we thought why not examine this through the zodiac lens?

We believe our zodiac signs confer us traits and quirks that we carry with us throughout our lives. Yes, with time and experience those attributes can get diluted or refined, but the basic zodiac personality remains with us.

So, have you wondered how each of these zodiac signs might behave when they are with their special someone?

We’re talking about honest zodiac tendencies here, those that cannot be faked. Let’s take each one of the 12 zodiac signs, put them under the scanner, and find out how they are most likely to behave when they’re with their favorite person!

This way when the right guy or girl comes along in YOUR life, you can match their zodiac sign with the traits discussed here and find out for yourself how special YOU ARE for THEM!!

So, ready to embark on a voyage of discovery of each zodiac sign’s sweet little secrets? We know you are! Let’s roll!

Let’s call this trip You and zodiac signs! Imagine YOU as the favorite person of each star sign, and then see how they would behave around you! And how you two will complement each other, like mac and cheese!

How Zodiac Signs Are With You?

Aries And You

Remember the allegory about bad boys and good girls we used at the beginning of the article? Well, regardless of the gender, Aries is your quintessential bad brat.

Rowdy, brash, blunt, and reckless, they’re all for adrenaline-pumping actions, dares, adventure, and telling things as it is!

But with You? Their sweet one? They are like a warm cuddly hug from a bear. Aries with you will be protective af. No one will even dare to mess with you if they know you are with them.

Aries will be the sweetest with you, even when you are difficult and annoying. They will be so devoted to you that they will want to see you and talk to you every day!

Forget about cheating, because once they commit to you, they will be forever yours! And they will be romantic too. Imagine watching the sunset holding hands and all that cliche romantic stuff that they would never thought they would do.

Steamy lovemaking, long kisses that end too soon, and sweet pillow talks; everything will be true when an Aries gives their heart to YOU! 

Taurus And You

We all are creatures of habit, but Taureans equate stability and familiarity with security and trust. They’re not fond of uncertainty and surprises, because these things make them feel insecure and vulnerable.

However, when it comes to You, their comfort person, they will be more than willing to embark on the adventure called life.

And when they’re ready to trust (remember that they don’t put their trust in anyone willy-nilly) you with their life, they will be of course game when it comes to exploring and trying out different new things, be it food, travel, hobby, or anything.

Taureans are very much goal-oriented. So, they are likely to prioritize their career and finances over other people. But when with you, they will make sure they balance it out.

They will take time out of their busy schedules to shower you with loads of attention. They will send long good night text messages to make up for their absence during the daytime hustle.

Another zodiac trait of the Bull sign is patience. They are very slow to anger. But if anybody even jokingly says something bad about you or to you, God help them! They will charge at them like a bull seeing red!

They take offense easily, but with you, they will let your silly jabs slide and take your jokes as they are, jokes.

Taureans are very stable and observant people. When you are with them, you will see, that they will notice every little detail about you; what tie you wore at a function, what meal you are good at making, and what you said on a random Thursday night three months ago.

Many people say this is because Taureans like to be petty; because they keep score, and because they like to bring back things from the past to win an argument.

Maybe that’s true for other people, but for you, they will do this only to take care of you, to help you make smart choices, and stop you from making any mistake. Only you will get to see the nurturing parental side of them.

Gemini And You

We all know Geminis are good at communication and have a dual personality. Their mood and opinions change quite frequently.

When the witty and smart Gemini is enamored with you, they will laugh at your silliest jokes. Their moods will change according to your mood. They will suddenly become fond of cliche romantic stuff and will do all sorts of mushy lovey dovey acts of romance.

But the most important thing that you will appreciate about them is that they will stick their neck out for you, they will do anything for you. You plan to rob a bank? They will drive the getaway car!

And they will help you appreciate the little things in life as they are into a lot of stuff. They will open the doors to a whole new world in front of you. They will make you think differently and you will be grateful they are in your life.

You will be on their mind 24X7. And this will reflect in their behavior. When you meet them, they will take you in their embrace and not let you go. For Geminis, their inner and outer worlds can be very tumultuous, and you will be their stability. 

Cancer And You

Okay, let’s come to the romantic and sensitive Cancers now. They are known to be the sweethearts of the zodiac, always taking care of others, tending to others’ needs, and giving more than they receive.

This they do for everyone, so what’s special about you? Well, when they sense someone’s going to approach them for a relationship or make a move, Cancerians get very reserved and aloof, to the extent that they act rude and emotionally unavailable.

This of course is a ruse. They just want to protect their very fragile heart from breaking. So, when a Cancerian opens up to you and treats you like you are the most special person in the whole freaking world, You have won them over.

They will go full throttle caring about you; expect them to notice everything about you (right from your favorite food to your best friend’s name), have long late-night conversations with you, give you a lot of attention, and ask you all sorts of questions to know you better.

However, when in a secure relationship, they will give you a lot of space and never play any mind games with you. In return, they will only ask for your emotional support and care.

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Leo And You

Ahh, the royal Leos; loved for their charm, revered for their leadership, and feared for their temper. Leos come in their truest elements when they are with the love of their life, the one and only… You of course! 

These people are extreme! If there’s any romantic scene between them and a person, either they’re forgotten or friend-zoned, OR they are their soulmate!

So, as a soulmate, you will be treated with respect, care, love, affection, compassion, and warmth. They will pamper you like a kid, buying you gifts, making you soup when you’re sick, surprising you, and giving a lot of hugs and kisses.

They will want to do EVERYTHING with you; go on trips, learn a new language, camping, canoeing, everything!

They will fiercely protect you like a lion or a lioness. No matter how many suitors are vying for their attention, they will have eyes only for you. Being super loyal and dedicated, they will never lie to you.

Leos get blamed for being dramatic and only thinking about themselves. But, when they are with their dream love, ie, you, their dramatic antics, OTT gestures, bold way of expressing love, and larger-than-life way of living will make you forget all your troubles! 

Virgo And You

Virgos means business. They are the no-nonsense type of people who believe time is money and striving for perfection. Naturally, they can come off as critical, difficult, and emotionally absent.

However, when they are around you, your presence softens their attitude. Their focus shifts to your well-being.

Their energy concentrates on how to make your life better and easier. Yes, they might not write poetry or bring long-stemmed roses, BUT, they will show up for you.

They will make time for you, help you out to fix your car or mend what’s broken, listen to your struggles without judgment, offer you words of encouragement, compliment you, and inspire you to try harder.

They will gift you meaningful presents that you have always needed but never bought for yourself. They will go out of their way to make you happy. But they will also give you all the space you need.

And one more thing, these Maidens might appear to be pragmatic and boring on the surface, but believe us when we say, they have a secret reserve of passion and can have hours of steamy make-out sessions with lucky YOU!

Libra And You

The hard-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside Libra. They are one of a kind. We will tell you why. You think you know them, but you don’t!

You think they’re only into physical beauty. They are! They can’t help but attract and feel attracted to pretty faces and good aesthetics.

BUT…it gets old quickly. As an air sign, they get bored easily and don’t remain hooked on superficial things. They will ALWAYS settle for inner beauty!

You think they are indecisive and can never make up their mind. It’s true. But, once they do, nothing and no one can change it back. So, once they commit to you, they’re YOURS!

You think they are avoidant people who will always run for the hill when things go rough, chaotic, or imbalanced.

Well, yes, maybe in the beginning, but believe us, if they fall for you, you can bring on the ugliest of fights, and they will NOT leave your side. They will not give up on you.

Just help them find their inner balance, and you will constantly be on their mind. They will listen to your endless sob story. They will always ask you about every little thing you do.

They will not avoid but initiate deep conversations with you. They will ask you about your day and will watch sunrises with you.

Another thing that Librans do really well is dirty talking! As most of their dark fantasies remain fantasies only. They will love to have You as their partner and bring life to those long-buried dreams.

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Scorpio And You

Let’s come to the most secretive, mysterious, and enigmatic sign. Scorpions appear to be cold, curt, brutal, mean, and even dangerous. But those are just a front to keep away the fakes.

Inside they value love, loyalty, and intimacy. With You, they can be a bit domineering, but will also adore you like anything. They will get worried sick when they’re not around you. They will be extremely dedicated.

They will be so proud of you, that they will show you off to their friends. They will treat you like their best friend and would want to try different things together, like wine tasting, farmer’s market, hiking, learning Japanese, you get the picture.

Two things you have to be careful about though; one – they can see through you and most certainly will read your every mood. Two – they get hurt very easily but will NEVER ever accept or show it. So, please be gentle with their heart. They have so much to give. 

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Sagittarius And You

Saggies get a lot of hate for not wanting to commit. But have you seen a Sag in love? They just can’t get enough.

Saggies need a sense of freedom. Assure them you will never clip their wings and they will be yours. They are funny and free-spirited, not your regular frowny, brooding, or pensive types 

So, if a Sag falls in love with You, expect a lot of weird convos and side-splitting laughter. They will finally open up to you and share their vulnerability.

But they will also become strong enough to physically protect you from any danger. They will be your best buddy and can tell what are you feeling by looking at you. They will remember everything you tell them about yourself.

They will ALWAYS always boost your confidence, hype you up, and push you to live up to your full potential.

The only thing they ask from you is trust and freedom. Okay, two things; the freedom to fly and the trust that you will stay theirs when they come back home.

Capricorn And You

So according to the general census, Caps are pretty boring people. They are not outgoing, work too much, never express themselves, and always live a disciplined life.

However, not many people know that but they are very passionate and emotional beings who can go to any extreme for their love, ie, You!

When you are with a Capricorn, and they are hopelessly in love with you, you can expect them to be very understanding and stable.

That doesn’t mean they are not insecure or that they don’t get jealous. They do, but they never show it. And one more thing, no matter how insecure they feel, they will NEVER ever make a scene or do anything to tarnish your reputation.

They are mature people who will know how to take care of you. They will make a playlist with all your favorite numbers. They will comfort you when you feel blue. And they will never take you for granted.

They are simple but they know how to maintain themselves. These well-groomed suave men or divas will not only look great but also smell heavenly.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that they can be very pessimistic and gloomy and might need a lot of hugs and cheering-ups from your end to feel good about themselves. 

Aquarius And You

Aquarians are not famous for being emotional. But that doesn’t mean they are not! The thing is that the Water Bearer feels deep emotions but never knows how to express them.

They do feel lonely, like an alien among others. And when they find YOU, their happiness index soars high.

They become cheerful and try to build a relationship based on friendship and genuine connection. 

When an Aquarius is in love with you, they will impress you with their thoughts and actions, so much so that you will feel you have met your soulmate. They help you grow and evolve.

They will do everything in their power to take care of you. They will always worry about you. They will give you sweet nicknames.

They will share their whole life with you. There will be nothing that they will hide from you. They will take every possible measure to ensure your well-being.

They will never abandon you during your tough times and will offer unwavering support during your every challenge.

Pisces And You

Pisceans are normally romantic and emotional in nature. They live for dreamy love stories that feel straight out of a romantic novel. So, what could be different when they’re with You?

Of course the intensity! If they call someone 20 times a day, they will call you 50 times! They have such a warm aura about them and you will feel so special with them, they will take care of that.

They will need constant reminders of your love through loving touches. They will call you by cute nicknames. You always wake up to nice good morning messages when you are in a relationship with a Pisces.

They will be so attached to you that they will even break the law for you without even batting an eye!

So, that was an honest account of You and Zodiac Signs. With you, they will be different, unique, and special! Because YOU bring your own special flavor to the mix!

And now that you know how each zodiac sign behaves around their favorite person, may you choose the right partner, so the two of you match like PB and J!

So, how zodiac signs are with you? Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comments!

you and zodiac sign
you and zodiac sign

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