30+ Yung Pueblo Quotes About Relationships, Healing, and Growth


Yung Pueblo Quotes

Are you looking for some meaningful words to live by? Here are some of the best Yung Pueblo quotes about transformation, love, and life!

Diego Perez’s pen name is Yung Pueblo which translates to  “young people.” He is not only a writer but a meditator and speaker. And through his writing, he aims to speak about the process of healing and how to release our personal burdens.

The Yung Pueblo quotes explore the reality of self-healing, how to self-love, and work toward knowing ourselves.

These meaningful quotes by Yung Pueblo about love, life, healing, growth, and letting go will give you a positive outlook on life and help you to embrace personal growth.

Yung Pueblo Quotes About Transformation In Life

1. Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free. 

30+ Yung Pueblo Quotes About Relationships, Healing, and Growth

2. I am not fully healed, I am not fully wise, I am still on my way. What matters is that I am moving forward.

3. They asked her,
“What is the key to saving the world?”
She answered,
“You. You are the key.
Heal yourself, know yourself,
and make yourself whole and free.
Release all limits so that your love can flow unconditionally for yourself and the world, this will open the heaven of your heart completely and it will guide you without fail.

4. Serious transformations begin with two commitments:
the courage to try new things and act in new ways
the honesty needed to no longer hide from or lie to ourselves.

5. Who I am is always changing, not because I am being fake, but because I am always open to growth and transformation.

6. A sign of progress is noticing when your perception of a situation is being driven by your old emotional history and then giving yourself the time you need to see things more clearly

7. They asked her, “What is real happiness?”
She answered, “Happiness is not fulfilling every pleasure or getting every outcome you desire. Happiness is being able to enjoy life with a peaceful mind that is not constantly craving for more. It is the inner peace that comes with embracing change.”

8. Next time you feel agitated because you are falling back into past patterns, remember that simply being aware that you are repeating the past is a sign of progress self-awareness comes before the leap forward in your personal transformation.

9. Maturity is knowing that when your mood is down you should not trust the way you see yourself.

10. And so she walked forward, no longer afraid to look back at the past, and with a new excitement for the future. her sadness wasn’t completely gone but it did not hold the same weight over her life anymore.
How did she undo her chains? by realizing that she is her own master and by embracing her power to create her own future.

11. I trust the ones who are always seeking to grow.

Yung Pueblo Quotes Growth

12. To be so broken, to have fallen so deeply, that the only thing you can do is rise into a new you.

13. Be prepared to meet a new version of yourself every time you shed another layer of old trauma, conditioning, or hurt. as you let go, your perspectives and interests will shift. Transformation is natural as you travel the road to greater self-awareness, happiness, and peace.

14. Healing yourself will ask more of you

more rest
more self-love
more letting go
more time for learning
more space for transformation
more honesty about how you feel
more time developing good habits more courage to try new practices
more time cultivating your inner peace
more faith in yourself and the process.

15. Throw away the idea that you need to pause your life until you are fully healed. This is a different way of being attached to perfection. Real progress happens when you make better decisions in the midst of living.

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Yung Pueblo Quotes On Relationships And Love

16. True love does not hurt, attachments do.

17. Find a partner who not only wants to love you right but is also emotionally prepared to create a home.  Your natural attraction is just the beginning, you both know that the health of your relationship is directly linked to your personal growth and the healing of old reactive patterns. Internally, you both feel ready to share the work of love and to build a culture of calm communication.

The way you laugh as one and handle storms with gentleness helps you cultivate a nurturing environment. You understand that you each have your own identity that moves like a river – always changing, expanding, and evolving but the beauty of your love rests on the fact that you have both intentionally decided to flow together side by side.

Yung Pueblo Quotes Love

18. Phrases that the brave and wise commonly use:

I don’t know
I’m sorry
Thank you
I love you

19. Find a partner who can accept you as you are but also inspires you to evolve because they take their own growth seriously. Love will not seek to change you, but it will embrace you so unconditionally that you will feel safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new.

The courage you both have to stay committed to the energy journey will reflect brightly on your relationship, all the good qualities that you develop as empowered individuals will help you calmly, compassionately, and creatively handle the challenges that you may face as a couple. Because you both know that growing is not easy, you will warmly support each other when one of you feels down and rejoice when victorious steps forward have been taken.

30+ Best Yung Pueblo Quotes On Relationships, Love And Life

20. Love is not: I will give this to you if you do this for me
Love is: I will give this to you so that you may shine.

21. Find a partner who is ready to build with you.  It is not about finding perfection in another person, it is about realizing when you come across an undeniable connection that nourishes your being and matches the type of support you are looking for.  Getting lost in the idea of perfection is a hindrance.

Being with someone who is committed to going through the ups and downs of life together is truly priceless.  When two people embrace their imperfections and commit to growing into better versions of themselves, it will naturally enhance the happiness they share in the relationship.  

Yung Pueblo Quotes On Love

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Yung Pueblo Quotes On Friendship

22. I am making more time for the people who make me want to be the best version of myself.

23. The deepest friendships reveal themselves during moments of crisis. When your world is shaken, they stand and face the storm with you. When things look dim, they bring their light to remind you that better days are coming. When you feel challenged they help you see your power.

Yung Pueblo Quotes Friendship

24. Friends who hold visions of your success as much as their own are a blessing.

25. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, their faith combined with yours will quicken your success.


Yung Pueblo Quotes On Letting Go

26. Letting go does not mean forgetting, it just means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present.

Quotes By Yung Pueblo

27. When we truly begin to let go, happiness will no longer just be our friend, it will become our home

28. Assumptions that cannot be verified should not be given the power to make your mind turbulent and ruin your day. The energy of attachment is always looking for a story to fuel itself.

29. Sometimes people are simply meant to teach you how not to act in the future.

30. They asked her, “Can time heal you?”
She answered, “You are the key to your healing, not time. Hurt, trauma, and dense conditioning will continue sitting in your mind, impacting your emotions and behavior, until you go inward.  What heals is self-love, learning to let go, self-awareness, and building new habits.”

Quotes By Yung Pueblo

31. Courage letting go + self-love = a growing freedom

32. It is only heavy because you are deciding over and over again to carry it. Embrace change, and loosen up your sense of identity. Let yourself walk a new path. You do not have to ignore or erase the past, You just have to wholeheartedly embrace the present and move on.

Quotes By Yung Pueblo

33. How do you know you are growing in the right direction?
You can breathe more deeply, think more clearly, and feel calmness and happiness flow more strongly through your being.

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Did you find inspiration in these quotes by Yung Pueblo? If yes, share your favorite quote in the comments below!

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