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Why You Should Never Give Up On Someone You Love, Even When It’s Hard

Why You Should Never Give Up On Someone You Love, Even When It's Hard

Relationships these days give a new definition to ‘forever’, it now usually seem to last from few weeks to few months. Today ‘I love you forever’ and the next day ‘get the hell out of my life’.

People these days are so quick to walk away from relationships and the people they love just because things got a little hard and they fell there is no other way around.

The essence of love is lost somewhere. The people who are deeply in love are not together and those who don’t really love each other are together, it’s saddening. Love is much more than having a new partner once in every few weeks, that does not even love. Love is having someone to die for and living for them, with them.


Love never promised to be easy and it shouldn’t be either, the things we earn we cherish them, the things that come easy are taken for granted. We need to work for it, and once with the right person, it is worth it.

If you love someone, you should never give up on them even its get hard, too hard and let me tell you why

Not everyone in the world gets a chance to experience this magical feeling. We know cocaine is one of the most popular drugs out there and it won’t be surprised if I tell cocaine releases the same hormones in the body as the love does. You know why it’s so popular now. There are people in the world who want to love and be loved if you are someone who has experienced love, you know what a shame it is, to have not experienced that mysterious magical feeling ever in your life.

Not everyone in this world gets love in return. There are people who love someone who doesn’t love them back, the one-sided love and at some point in life, we have gone through it and know why painful it is. And then there are these silly people who are madly in love with each other but aren’t together.

There are people who want to love someone, they have experienced this magical feeling before and want a touch of it back but they cannot. What’s stopping them? The demons inside them, want to open up but again the demons make her cut ties with any emotional attachments. This is heartbreaking because they want to give in but they are a point they cannot because the pain has taken over.

There are people who cannot hold their loved ones any more or tell them how much they loved them because they are gone, too far to ever return. The people who lost their loved one, whether it was their spouse or they were just dating or whatever the case they are under the ground now and won’t ever be back, there won’t be another opportunity to tell them how much they loved them.


The moral of the story is if you love someone truly, deeply, madly, don’t wait. Let them know your feelings maybe they share the same and have been waiting for you to confess.

Life is uncertain and letting go of something just because of your ego or shy is stupid. Fight for your love, let not hurdle stop you. Don’t let go just because things are hard, don’t break up over a fight, don’t give up because your family dislikes them, everything will fall in place if you keep fighting. Don’t think of parting unless there really is no love left between you two.

Life can be tricky and anything can come tomorrow, even death. While you keep waiting for the right time it may never come or might be just too late. Don’t let yourself miss the chance for what could be one of the best experiences of your life. You may end up regretting lifelong for not making one single move.


Don’t let anything stop you, flow as your feelings do.

There are way too many people wishing upon stars to be with their loved ones and other many that wish they weren’t so alone, do yourself a favor and don’t be among them. If things are hard to try to fix it, love doesn’t come easy and it’s just a reminder that you need to work on it. The efforts you will put are worth it, always.

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