6 Reasons To Why You And Your Friend Should Plan Your Wedding Around The Same Time!!

Why you and your Friend should plan your wedding around the same time

Growing up together with your childhood sweethearts is perhaps one of the best experiences of your life. From understanding what menstruation is to crushing on men…you have done it all together. That’s the exciting part of having a close bunch of female friends. No matter what profession you choose, no matter wherever you are, you remain the same old close friends.

The closeness is constant irrespective of the new people you meet, irrespective of your new close buddies. Now comes another significant stage of your life: Marriage! So you both have found your respective prince charming and are all set for the new life? Spending the last few months of spinsterhood is a tough challenge and full of dilemmas.

On one hand, you can’t wait to get married to the love of your life, on the other, your marital status will change, you will have a new family which calls for additional responsibilities. It’s not a careless messy life anymore. What can be better than adding a little twist and fix your wedding dates closely, perhaps in a gap of 2-3 months?

If you are thinking that this is going to be crazy, here are 6 reasons to convince you that it’s not just exciting but will create the perfect prelude to your marital life:

(1) From Miss to Mrs:

Spending the last days of your life isn’t that easy. You have your wedding preparation going on and at the same time, tons of bachelor parties to attend. Your married friends will keep on pouncing upon you with their lectures while the unmarried friends with no chance of getting married soon will question your each and every act as if you are completely transforming into a different person.

So when your close friend gets married together at the same time, it’s easy to communicate, share the dilemma and plan things accordingly in the way you have grown up from little girls to young adults.

(2) Ticking off the bucket-list:

Remember the bucket-list you created? It’s high time to tick off that want-to-do-things-before-marriage. Wouldn’t it be really boring if you and your girlfriends decide to complete those adventures you wanted to do before marriage with just you getting married?

They will feel bored too for they are left with more years of spinsterhood. But now that you have planned your marriage accordingly, all of you will get the same feeling, the same enthusiasm, and the same vibe. Yes, this will definitely be one experience of your lifetime.

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(3) Planning the perfect dress together:

Remember the number of times you have made time for each other to get dresses for your birthday or that special night in college? You are going to get married, lady and what can be more important than your wedding dress? With your girlfriends getting married at the same time, you now have companions who will listen to you endlessly for hours and understand exactly why are whining over that knot near your waist or that flower around your neck.

Most people around you will give you suggestions but you need proper planning, a well-chalked out detailing and hours of discussion with your friends. They will have their own inputs too and this will not come out as just mere ideas but out of necessity. It will be quite a brainstorming session and you will get your perfect wedding dress.

(4) Shopping together for the wedding:

Not all the time you will get your close friends for shopping. They will have their work and might

not be able to give you time. Now that you will be getting married at the same time, you will be able to go shopping together. Yes, that saves a lot of time in your life too. It’s easier to choose and get things in the way you would want them to be.

(5) Counting days together:

6 Reasons To Why You And Your Friend Should Plan Your Wedding Around The Same Time!!
6 Reasons To Why You And Your Friend Should Plan Your Wedding Around The Same Time!!

You’re excited to get married. You just can’t wait for it. Every day you wake up and count the number of days left for The Wedding Day. You feel restless. But not always you can actually express this to your peers. It’s obvious they might get bored with your rants.

Counting days of your wedding is a very special feeling and when you have your close friend getting married at the same time, you have your companion. Yes, indulge in reverie all you want. Count days and months together! Share the restlessness as you did in your school, before the exam, before prom night. It’s such a sweet feeling and you will have each other to understand why months feel like years.

(6) Planning honeymoon together:

6 Reasons To Why You And Your Friend Should Plan Your Wedding Around The Same Time!!

All set for the wedding? Wait…what about the honeymoon? Now, you can choose your destinations together and plan to avoid embarrassment from others. Keep your secret desires to each other and help out to make them real.

Well, now that you know, go and plan your wedding. Good luck!

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