Aparajita Dutta

Aparajita Dutta is a writer, poet, social activist and a research scholar from Kolkata, India. She has completed her M.Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University in 2015. She has been the contributing author of Tell Me a Story, published by Penguin India. Aparajita has written for other books, magazines, and websites as well. Her interests are football, gender rights, disability, and translation. Samples of her writing can be found on her blog: www.crystallasia.wordpress.com.

Musical Chair

A catastrophic poem

Breathes carnival of leaves.

One, two, three

My protagonist flees

The odd one out.

The courtyard is now a joyous table



a remote village

animous sparks befriend

the iron well-water.

Faded twilight

Dead Emotions

My non-existent literature.

My words know their freedom

When you will light the incense in my funeral.


‘Flower,’ the fairy spoke,

Words maddening her lifeless petals,

Sun, shying away from the intermittent blows,

Jealousy and…

Jealousy and...

I nurture my suicide bomb

Delicate petals of roses

A verdant pond

Blemished with leaves

Discarded by waters.

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