Why Soul Connections Are Bigger Than Soulmates

Why Soul Connections Are Bigger Than Soulmates

Each time your soul returns to this world, it acts on unconscious memories. These memories are the basis for many of the relationships you have and the actions that you take.

You gravitate to others who have similar memories because you innately understand each other.

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Past-life connections.

Life lessons with soulmates can occur within a short period of time, while others can last a lifetime.

Some people consider short, intense relationships to be “kismet” or fated because they are fleeting, but they happen because of an intense spiritual connection. However, that bond wears off quickly because the experience was learned and served its purpose.

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Soulmates have a unique magnetism and a connection that cannot be denied. It can wear off if one or both parties lose it. The need to seek other soulmates and learn other lessons is an impetus to move on.

soul connections and soul mates
Why Soul Connections Are Bigger Than Soulmates

Short relationships are indications of “unfinished business” between souls that have been completed. Longer relationships are evidence that more is to be gained from the association.

Who are “kindred spirits”?

A kindred spirit is a person who touches your soul, someone with whom you feel a special bond.

The two of you have had shared experiences, and you understand each other based on those experiences. For this reason, you are good for one another

This kind of relationship may or may not involve a sexual attraction, but there’s a comfort level that adds an additional element. This element is commitment.

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Commitment brings a special ingredient to the relationship that helps both parties in the partnership learn lessons. However, this situation can evolve and end when those lessons have been mastered.

What is a “twin flame”?

Why Soul Connections Are Bigger Than Soulmates

Twin flames are individuals who two sides of the same soul. They live and act like each other and anticipate the other’s actions without trying.

This manner of synchronicity is unique to their type of soul connection. Twin flames represent another level of connection of the soul through the shared intensity and vibrancy of their bond.

These relationships are said to share the same “belly button” that once linked them together in the spirit world. They chose who was going to be the male and female energies to meet the challenges of the world together.

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It is said there’s just one other person who is your twin soul, and you may or may not meet them in this lifetime. You can travel through time without your twin flame and interact with others in your soul group.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow with others with whom you have a soul connection, and all of them assist you in your quest for perfection.

Soulmates and connections are not just romantic in nature.

Family members, coworkers, friends, and others we have contact with having some type of soul connection with us. The degree of connection and value of the relationship depends upon the lessons the soul needs to learn in this and other incarnations.

Our free will has a role in determining whether we will nurture a soul bond. We have the choice of whether we will remain in that relationship.

It’s for us to decide whether we believe we have more to learn from an association with another soul or not. The experience can prove to be rewarding or damaging based on the decisions we make.

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Why Soul Connections Are Bigger Than Soulmates
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Why Soul Connections Are Bigger Than Soulmates
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