The Reason Why Masculine Women Are Always Alone

 December 18, 2018

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The Reason Why Masculine Women Are Always Alone


I’m going to be up-front with all of you right now.

I love super feminine women.

I love nurturing, compassionate women.

I don’t like ball-busting women that have too much masculine energy, and there are so many feminist ball-busting women out in the world right now.

If you’re one of these hyper-masculine women, I’m talking to you right now.

The reason why you’re alone is because you take your career into the bedroom. You take your career into the dating world and you interrogate the hell out of men when you’re dating them.

That’s the reason why you’re alone.

If you’re a strong-minded, strong-willed woman—I admire you. I’m proud of you where you are and what you’ve accomplished in the work world. I am really proud of you. You bought yourself a condo; you made yourself a career.


But a lot of women like you really want an alpha male, a strong man, and you don’t know why you can never find one.

Well, let me tell you: A strong masculine man wants a very feminine woman; he wants a woman that makes him feel like the king. We don’t care if you slayed 14 guys in the boardroom that afternoon. When we come home with, we want those roles to be a man to woman—us being the man, and you being the woman.

We want to feel like we’re your king.

We’re not going to feel that if you bust our balls and interrogate us as you do in the office.

That doesn’t work with masculine men. That’s just not sexy.

So for all of you very feminist, masculine women, with the “I can do anything and I don’t need a man attitude”—I know you do. I’ve approached so many of you. I know you want a man. I know you want to feel a strong man wrap his arms around you.

The problem is, the ball busting feminist women only gets wimpy men all the time because the strong man doesn’t want to put up with that. A strong man wants you to be a strong woman during the day and by night, he wants you to be that sensual feminine creature that melts into his strong embrace.

Life is about energy and there is a balance to it all. Two masculine energies can’t coexist in the same space for very long.

So keep that in mind ladies.

Keep that in mind you corporate power suits, you executives slaying the dragon from 9–5.

Retire your armor. Put the shield and the sword away, and you may find the man you’ve always wanted.

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Written by David Wygant
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The Reason Why Masculine Women Are Always Alone

One comment on “The Reason Why Masculine Women Are Always Alone

  1. Masculine-presenting women are too busy living our lives and taking care of our own business to care one way or another how you or any other man feels about how we look, dress, act, or think. We actually cannot be bothered one damn to even take the time to “bust your balls.” The solitary fact that this article is highlighted in the “Self Development” section of this site reveals that you have no concept of how to take ownership for your own existence in this life and how minuscule your intellectual capacity truly is. Self development by definition means focusing on your inner self, not projecting your issues on another person to do your emotional and/or psychological labor for you. I suppose, however, that you ascribe to the framework of belief that women were created merely to be subservient to your “alpha male” archetype. Retire my armor? Oh, no. Thanks to you I’m reminded why I wear it, displaying my masculinity as a means to reveal my warrior mindset, courageous heart, and present myself to my fellow women as a protector. Women have not, do not, and never will exist for your or any other man’s pleasure. See you on the battlefield. Hope you sharpened your sword.

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