5 Reasons Why I Fired My Therapist After Divorce


Five Reasons Why I Fired My Therapist After Divorce

This post is going to talk about why sometimes firing your therapist might be a good idea, after you file for divorce. Let’s find out the reasons behind the author saying “why I fired my therapist after divorce?”

I fired my therapist after deciding to file for divorce. Firing my therapist was one of the best decisions I made for myself after my separation. My ex-husband and I had been going to counseling together in an attempt to save our marriage. Or at least I was trying to save it.

My ex-husband was gaslighting both of us during our sessions.

The last time I sat in her office, I was by myself. I realized that I was not going to heal the way I wanted to by showing up week after week ruminating on the same story over and over. The last straw was when I had had a prophetic dream about what was really going on in my marriage, and she dismissed it stating it was only a dream.

The dream was true and so many other incidents of my intuition being spot on. I knew it was a lesson for me to finally learn that I needed to trust myself implicitly.

Therefore, I fired my therapist.

But what I did next, set me on a trajectory that would truly transform my life from the inside out.

I hired an EFT practitioner to help me get to the root of my beliefs that were blocking me from having the kind of life I dreamed about.

If you don’t know what EFT is, it stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It’s an incredible healing tool to heal and release our old stories and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.

It was very different than sitting with a therapist and doing “talk” therapy. I had done EFT on my own in the past, but hiring someone who was objective was the key to getting to the root of my issues.

Here are the 5 top reasons why I fired my therapist.

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5 Reasons Why I Fired My Therapist After Divorce

1. I couldn’t continue to talk about the same thing over and over.

I wanted to find a way to heal and finally release these blocks I felt inside. I KNEW on a deep level something was blocking me from feeling the way I wanted to feel. My old limiting beliefs, fears, and toxic patterns regarding self-love (or lack thereof), abandonment issues, fears about relationships lasting, fear of rejection, and not showing up as myself created the situation I found myself in.

Looking back at the past and talking about it over and over does not help you release it the way EFT does. EFT goes back to the past just to uncover the root cause of the belief that is still hidden in your subconscious.

The time you spend feeling those old feelings is short-lived. But by not going back to when these beliefs originated, they continue to steer you from within unconsciously. When you do this deep, inner healing work, you get to re-write your story.

2. I was putting too much trust in others and not myself.

I realized that I had all the answers I needed within myself. I was frantic and in so much pain, so I was looking outside of myself and asking others what I should do. I needed to stop, take a deep breath, and listen to my own heart.

Once I fired my therapist after my divorce, it allowed me to practice dropping down into my heart and following my own intuitive guidance.

Why I fired my therapist after divorce
5 Reasons Why I Fired My Therapist After Divorce

3. I didn’t feel empowered to change my life.

I felt stuck every time I met with my therapist. I felt like I was on a constant loop of talking about what was going on and how I was feeling and not making any forward progress in my healing.

I had to fire my therapist to actually feel better and change the way I was living my life.

4. I felt too dependent on my therapy sessions.

I felt like I was becoming too dependent on getting to my session and counting on the therapy session to make me feel better.

I wasn’t counting on myself and that became my greatest lesson and nugget of gold that came out of my devastating divorce. I learned to trust myself and count on myself more after I fired my therapist.

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5. I didn’t feel like I had any goals in therapy.

This goes back to talking about my feelings, but not having any clear direction on where I was going to go. We never set any goals on how I could move forward.

Maybe I wasn’t ready to set them, but I know that once I became clear and healed using EFT, I was able to decide what I wanted my future to look like.

Why I fired my therapist after divorce
5 Reasons Why I Fired My Therapist After Divorce

It wasn’t an easy decision to fire my therapist after my divorce. I was holding on like she was a crutch instead of standing up on my own. I felt much more empowered once I made the decision to not go back.

It was as simple as that. I never made another appointment. I didn’t have to explain myself. I chose myself and what I needed to do.

If you’re interested in learning about what EFT can do for you, schedule a FREE 30-minute call.

Wishing you so much love,


Written By Lisa Bruchac
Originally Appeared On Find Your True Essence
why I fired my therapist after divorce
5 Reasons Why I Fired My Therapist After Divorce

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