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Why Body Image Has Nothing To Do With How Your Body Looks

Body Image Nothing To Do With Body Looks

2. Recognize the subjectivity of that story.

Begin to recognize that your story about your body is just that: a story. Your thighs are not any more objectively disgusting than my Chilean earrings were objectively hideous. You’re looking at your body through the lens of a story, and the first steps are to become aware both of the story itself, and of the fact that your story is not objectively True.

Why Body Image Has Nothing To Do With How Your Body Looks
Why Body Image Has Nothing To Do With How Your Body Looks

3. Deal with the feelings underneath the story.

Start with the physical sensations in your body. When you think about your thighs, what do you feel in your body? A tightness in your belly? A tingling or heat in your face or throat? Start with the physical sensations, and give them space to exist. Tell them (out loud or in your head), that they are welcome here.

This might be awkward or uncomfortable, but if you give them space and welcome them, the physical feelings will lead you to emotional feelings. Sometimes what comes up are long-repressed feelings, which may be very painful. Let them hurt, but welcome them and stay with them.

Underneath your disgust about your weight might be shame about your sexuality, fear about your safety, grief about your lost loves, and anger about the many unfair things which have happened to you. Breathe and stay focused on the sensations in your body and the emotions that come up. Keep welcoming them, and keep feeling them. Do this practice over and over, for days and weeks and months, until you’ve made a habit of feeling your true feelings instead of re-telling your mind’s false narrative.

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Why Body Image Has Nothing To Do With How Your Body Looks

4. If you do this often enough, and deeply enough, shit will start to change.

Healing will start to happen, and the well of pain will eventually run dry. When that happens, you have the opportunity to change the narrative you tell about yourself. For the first time, you’ll be able to look at your body and see something different.

You’ll be able to find beauty, value, worthiness where it once seemed impossible. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and feel a little zing of pleasure like you’re in on a fabulous secret that only you and your body understand.

Are you ready to solve your body image issues?

Written by: Jessi Kneeland
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Republished with permission
Body Image Nothing To Do With Body Looks Pin
Why Body Image Has Nothing To Do With How Your Body Looks
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