To The Girl Who Always Ends It Before It Even Begins

To The Girl Who Always Ends It Before It Even Begins

She always ends it before it even begins…

She wants to date and explore new guys but scared of commitment. Maybe she doesn’t want to be tied down even if he is the guy she loves talking to and spend time with.

Unlike other girls who feel overwhelmed with joy at the sight of their crushing approaching them and interacting with love and affection, she finds it strange that why this guy is saying sweet things. Instead of feeling special, her investigation mode is activated.

She tries to introspect why this guy is taking extra care of her, the purpose of unusual attention and charming interaction that her guy friends don’t usually do with her almost every day. She is not excited about dates, parties, gifts, and late-night conversations.

Out of trust issues, she thinks there is profound meaning in his every gesture and action. She tries to read into things too much. While analyzing, she tries to rule out the possibility that the guy is in love with her or he has some malicious intentions.

She is hard to get too close a little too quickly. Because she keeps assuring herself – it’s okay, he’s just caring, that’s all or he’s friendly with everyone.

No, she is not rude or cold-hearted. She is doing all these just to feel safe and secured.

Girl who ends it

Why does the girl always ends it before it even begins?

Because this is her defense mechanism to stop getting hurt again.

She was a young, naive, and cheerful girl once, with a positive outlook towards love and life. Then she fell in love with a guy who made her feel like no other than a princess in a fairy tale. And then one day he broke her trust and she lost faith in the line “I will never break your heart” forever.

So, if she ends relationships before it even begins, it’s clearly not her fault.

It is hard to trust when all you have from the past is the evidence why you shouldn’t.

He played with her feelings and emotions and now she is skeptical about every guy she meets. The fear of another heartbreak drives anxiety and stimulates negative thinking.

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She has closed the doors of her heart so that no other guy can come in her life, without even giving a second thought that this person could be the love of her life.

Fed up of all mind games, she has built those invisible walls around herself for protection. As she could not heal her wounds and scars, she fails to believe anything a guy would say to her.

After the terrible end of the past few relationships, she never had a legitimate relationship with anyone.

The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool – Stephen King

Once trust is crushed it can never be perfect again. 

But, now it’s too late before the girl could realize the honesty of this guy who can be the potential partner. Blinded by her fears, she couldn’t open herself. If only she did, she could have seen the possibility that the guys whom she likes may like her back too.

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If she didn’t succumb to those fears and insecurities, she could have realized her worth. And believed that she deserves to be loved for real. That someone could love her to the moon and back. Someone who will never break promises or hurt her but strive to the fullest for her happiness.

Watch out this interesting video to know how to fix a broken heart:

Unfortunately, the past heartbreak left her shattered to an extent that she things nobody could love her immensely and choose to live with her forever.

She thinks that she is not worthy of real love. Because of that guy, who long, long time ago inflicted that stabbing pain.

Or maybe it’s her safety net – she thinks that way so that her mind can stop thinking or expecting blissful love life from any other guy.

But then she regrets her decision!

No doubt she is happy with the loved ones and close friends who love and support her during her highs and lows.

But, she beats her up for her trust issues, not letting any guy come near her, not giving a chance, missing the opportunity to know the true intentions of that guy, or missing a good friendship with that guy.

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Then she laments over the situation, again and again, thinking about what if the guy was in love with her and what if he wanted to marry her. She also reflects on herself what if she was a coward to take the initiative or too egoistic to not text him first and on and on.

Whatever be the reason, she ruined a wonderful moment and there is no point crying over spilled milk. The vicious cycle of thoughts in her mind never ends and she never comes out of her hard shell.

But, then she is devastated and enters into a massive state of depression when the guy falls for another girl.

It’s not his fault after all.

How long could have he waited?

After a few such losses, she musters up the courage to stand up for herself. She decides to take a chance and feel things that she never felt before. She is ready to accept and enjoy all journeys.

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Although she is still harboring doubts and fears, she is ready for both good and bad days in the journey of love. Now she doesn’t want to end things before it even begins.

But, after all this, she again realizes that it’s too late to finally give him a chance.

That’s how she always ends it before it even begins.

Girl who always ends it before it begins
To The Girl Who Always Ends It Before It Even Begins

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