7 Important Questions To Help Find What You Truly Want In Life


Questions Help Find What Truly Want In Life

Important Questions to Help You Figure out What You Truly Want In Life.
Deep questions about life make us feel so uncomfortable. But sometimes we need to face these unpleasant questions if we want to lead our lives with more clarity. While writing this piece, I forced myself to face these tough questions that I’ve always evaded. I assure you, by the end of this, you’ll understand crucial things about yourself better, and feel a sense of relief.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates

Below are 7 important questions that will help figure out what you truly want out of your life:

1. Who am I?

By all means, this is the most important question you need to ask yourself first. Because you can’t progress in life without understanding who and where you are right now. You need to know yourself thoroughly. The process of answering this question will give you insight into what you truly want out of life.

The one person you need to live with every moment of your life is YOU, so you might as well get to know yourself very well. Taking personality tests is an interesting and effective way to know yourself better. So, get your hands on as many personality tests as possible and soon, you will be having those moments of revelation where you find yourself uttering, “so that’s the reason I do this all the time.”

Knowing yourself properly is the key to a better future. Think about it, if you know where your passions lie, you can chalk out where you want to be in the next couple of years. On the other hand, people who aren’t aware of what they genuinely love doing have lesser chances of planning their futures properly. This is just one example that comes to my mind right now. There are tons of other instances where knowing who you are will prove immensely helpful.

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2. Why am I here?

A very thought-provoking question, nevertheless, an essential one that you need to ask yourself immediately. Facing this question will give you a better perspective of your purpose in life.

Everyone wants to believe that they came to this earth for a unique reason. When you understand what your life’s purpose is, you value yourself more. Apart from happiness, the other crucial thing everyone seeks is an aim, a vision. A solid reason to feel motivated to wake up every morning and give their best. Nobody wants to feel aimless and waste their days.

This question will trigger a series of deeper questions, which might not at all be easy to answer, but will surely help you discover your true purpose.

3. What motivates me to wake up in the morning?

If there is something you look forward to that wakes you up every morning, then you must focus on it and keep at it. You need to realize that many of us don’t have that something that generates trill and passion in our system, rousing us from sleep.

On the other hand, if you don’t have something so important that jolts you up in the morning, I suggest you incorporate these two practices into your routine. The first practice is to nurture an attitude of gratitude. The first thing you must do after you wake up is to feel grateful for the countless things, small or big, which life has given you, making you feel special. This mindset to appreciate what you already have helps attract more success and positivity in your life.

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The second practice is involving yourself in new activities. Often we feel we aren’t good at anything; but only by pushing ourselves to be part of new things, we begin to understand what we really like. Take the risk because eventually, you will feel the difference. Others might just notice and compliment you on something they find you good at, and say that you look lit up when engaged in it.

4. What do I want from life?

This question is aimed at connecting you with your innermost desires. If there is something you feel naturally drawn to and can’t stop having thoughts about it– these are clear signs that you should do it.

Understand that everybody’s desires are different. While some people want a quiet and peaceful life, others want a life peaked in success and thrills. Embrace your choice without being influenced by others. It’s your decision and you need to live with it. Letting others influence you might be the gravest mistake you make, jeopardizing your happiness and growth in the long-term.

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5. What do I expect from life?

As unbelievable as it sounds, the truth is, what you get in life is totally dependent on your expectations. Before you face this big question, you need to accept that everything in your life is a consequence of your thoughts and actions, and hence, you are in complete control of your life.

Will you settle for a life full of misery and suffering because that is what life has given you until this point? Or do you want to take charge of things and create a life where you find fulfillment, peace and happiness? It’s really all in your power.

6. What pain am I willing to sustain?

This particular question is especially useful for overachievers who can grind away to achieve something; but if they hate the thing they are doing, it makes the work all the more difficult. So putting effort into something you dislike just isn’t practical.

Whatever you wish to achieve, you will need to go through some pain, but when it is for something you love, it’s worth it. Take the example of a person who wants to build a fit and aesthetic body. He/she has to go through regular bodily pains like muscle soreness and fatigue. But these pains are a constant reminder of how much they are progressing towards their goals and knowing that, they welcome the pain.

7. What am I giving back to the world?

Have you wondered why some people, despite achieving so much financially, are so miserable that they resort to suicide? It is because their successes are on the outside, while internally, they feel empty. Being content on the inside matters the most.

Inside each of us is the need to care for the world and contribute to the welfare of society. Wealth and success aren’t enough to reach fulfillment, true happiness lies in sharing your gifts with the world. The best you can do is share your talents, your happiness, and your excitements with the people around you.

I hope, answering these important questions will give you more clarity on what you want in life, and help you take the necessary steps. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Important Questions to Help You Figure out What You Really Want In Life
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