What It Means To Love The Girl With The Guarded Heart

Love The Girl With The Guarded Heart

There is nothing simple about loving the girl with the guarded heart.

A girl with the guarded heart is not convinced by flowers and fancy dinners, nor won over by compliments and praise. In the beginning, she is a slow dance, one step toward you, another step back, as she learns to trust the ways of your heart and the strength of your arms.

The dance may be slow but it cannot be rushed, for she will sense the impatience of your steps and the way they fall out of time with hers. Dance with her. Follow the measure of her steps and in time, she will soon look to follow yours.

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What It Means To Love The Girl With The Guarded Heart
What It Means To Love The Girl With The Guarded Heart

A girl with the guarded heart will not show you her heart all at once, instead offer you a little at a time, unhurried and watchful of the way you hold each fragile piece.

She longs for you to understand how much it takes her to show you these pieces; for you to trace your fingers over the scars left behind from others, to feel the whisper of your breath against her neck as you promise to hold her heart with more care than those who came before. There are parts of her heart that remain unreachable, parts she has buried under layers she will never reveal. Love these parts of her, the parts unseen, the shadows of her soul. For even the sky knows without darkness, the stars cannot adorn us with their light.

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A girl with the guarded heart will watch you closer than you realize, listen to every word you speak, and weigh it against every action, searching for inconsistencies, seeking the truth of your word, and the intention of your heart.

Not because she can’t trust you, but because she is cautious, alert, wary; the stories of her past still etched upon her mind. She isn’t ready to trust her heart with you. Not yet. Not until she knows you are a man of your word, a man of steadfast hands and unchanging ways.

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There is a part of her that will always remain a little detached, ready to run if she thinks her heart will get damaged again.

Girl with the guarded heart no longer believes in second chances, having used all of them on those undeserving of such grace. To hurt her means to lose her, for she would sooner be alone than risk losing the life she has fought so damn hard to rebuild with her own wearied hands. She isn’t there because she needs you. She doesn’t need anyone. She’s there because she has chosen you because she wants you because she believes you are worth the risk. And all she asks is for you not to prove her wrong in the chance she has taken, for it has cost her more than you know.

She will need more reassurance than most, she will need you to stay present, available, mindful of her scars. She will think too much, talk too little, cry too often, ask too many questions, struggle to rest in your love. She is complex. Complicated. Perplexing. Sometimes difficult.

But beyond her guarded heart lies a soul that contains the wonders of the universe. One that longs to live and love with abandon, that desires connection and intimacy and to be in relationship with someone who sees both her beauty and her scars, and knows how to fall in love with both.

She holds within her a fierce spirit; brave, strong, courageous, unrelenting; yet is also the quiet and the calm, a place to take shelter against the fury of the wind on storm-filled days. She is nurture, she is passion. She is a touch of madness against ordinary skies, a vulnerable heart with a fearless soul, a barefoot warrior who follows no trails but sets her own path.

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      A bit of extra work to believe that this soecial loved one is on level ground. Much effort to believe they love anyone other than their own ability to survive and thrive. They show and are deliberatev they are tuff sobs and dont need anyone else. Very draining to believe you are reallyblived by them. Seems they are always ready to repeat they dont need anyone. Sad. So many if them need live and to be loved ans theyvatecso damaged. God help them heal before their lives and chance for love has ended all alone.

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