6 Weird Things Introverts Do Together When They’re Best Friends


Weird Things Introverts Do Together

When you are an introvert, people tend to misunderstand you as snobbish, quiet, awkward, unsocial, and even depressed sometimes! But introverts can be pretty weird, you know, but I am talking about the good kind of weird here. And if your best friend is an introvert too, that’s just icing on the cake. There are so many fun and weird things introverts do together when they’re best friends with another introvert.

Being in an introvert-introvert friendship means you will always have someone on your side, no matter what the situation might be. Fellow introverted friends will never judge you for who you are because they know exactly how you feel. Introverts who are best friends truly share a deep and profound connection with each other, and no matter what, stand by each other like a rock.

Even though that emotional understanding and support are always there, there are so many weird things introverts do together. They can be dorky, goofy, nerdy, and even straight-out insane when they are together. Let’s find out all the things introverted friends do with each other.

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6 Weird Things Introverts Do Together When They’re Best Friends

1. Feeling awkward when it comes to showing affection, but never with each other.

When it comes to showing and receiving affection from others, it’s extremely uncomfortable for them and they scream internally when it happens. But when they have to do the same thing with each other, there’s absolutely no problem. They feel 100% comfortable showing their love for each other because it feels normal like breathing.

Their personal space is extremely sacred to them, and to let someone in takes a lot of trust. In the beginning, both of them might have been a bit awkward with each other about hugging and all, but now they love doing that. Whenever something bad happens, or they need some emotional support, a hug from their best friend makes everything seem better.

Weird things introverts do together
Weird things introverts do together in life

2. Both of them understand the pain of overthinking a lot.

Introversion and overthinking go hand in hand, and of course, both of them will know this very well. This is just another of the many weird things introverts do together. No matter how strong a friendship they share with each other, they still end up overthinking and overanalyzing every text and call, the moment they feel something is not quite right.

Being an introvert, and that too an overthinking introvert, their mind sometimes controls them a bit too much; a million scenarios run through their mind and they start obsessing about what went wrong or what might be going on. It’s important for both of them, to be honest with each other, and need some reassurance from time to time that everything is good in the hood.

3. They can be crazy and immature together, but not with others.

Introverts are generally very accepting of other people and are not very judgemental. However, it’s not always like this the other way around, because introverts have to face a lot of judgment because of their personality and nature. That’s why extroverts or rather non-introverts never get to see the crazy, immature side of theirs because they never feel that open or comfortable with them.

But when they are with their introverted best friend, they never shy away from expressing that side of themselves. They are silly, goofy, inappropriate, and oh-so immature with each other. They can be fully themselves without any fear and trepidation, and that is when they build the best memories.

Introverts too have a crazy and funny side to them, it’s just that they need to be with the right kind of people in order for that side to come out.

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4. They find it challenging to mingle with other people comfortably.

What do you get when you put two introverts together, and that too when they are best friends? A pair of awkward introverts who feel uncomfortable hanging out with other people. Having other people in their dynamic makes them want to run for the hills, and that’s why both of them find it hard to deal with other people, especially when there’s no way out.

With the bond and connection they share with each other, it’s extremely hard for them to be like that with other people. This might be the reason why they feel so uncomfortable with strangers. They don’t feel the safety and security that they feel with their best friend, nor do they find it easy to be vulnerable with others.

It’s always a better option for them to just hang out with their BFF, than fake their way through an unbearable situation like this.

Weird things introverts do together

5. They are both creatures of routine.

Introverts are notorious for wanting to stick to routines, and not feeling comfortable with change. That’s why both of them always prefer to do what they always do. They prefer to meet up in the same restaurants, watch the same TV shows and engage in the same hobbies.

However, there is nothing boring about this for them; they like engaging in familiar things because it gives them a certain sense of comfort and happiness. They don’t like venturing out of their comfort zone, and they are perfectly fine with it, they never feel like they’re missing out on something. They are happy just the way you are.

6. Heart-to-heart talks with each other make them feel sentimental and uncomfortable at the same time.

This is one of the weird things introverts do together that not a lot of people have an idea of. The thing is, they really love each and appreciate each other but whenever they try to have a heart-to-heart talk, it ends up making them feel awkward but emotional at the same time.

They are grateful to have each other in their lives, but somehow they can’t bring themselves to show those emotions in their full force. It’s hard for them both to just cry and hold each other, so what do they do? They drown in your emotions and choke back their tears and know fully well that their best friend will understand.

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Having a fellow introvert as your best friend is nothing short of a blessing, is it? You always have someone to count on, and someone who will understand all your quirks which other people might see as weird. Well, even if you are weird, you can be weird together!

All these weird things introverts do together, how many of them could you relate to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Want to know more about the weird things introverts do? Check this video out below!

Weird things introverts do together

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do introverts talk a lot with their introverted friends?

Introverts do talk a fair bit more with their introverted friends compared to their non-introverted ones. However, it’s not that they talk dime a dozen since introverts are naturally more reserved and shy. But yes, they do feel more comfortable opening up in front of fellow introverts.

Can an introvert have several close friends?

Introverts don’t need to have a huge circle of friends, they are happy and content with one or two best friends, whom they can trust and feel fully comfortable with.

Do introverts have enemies?

Not really. Introverts always prefer to stay away from chaos and drama, so they don’t normally have people who are out to get them.

Can introverts get along with extroverts?

Yes. Even though they are really different from each other, introverts and extroverts can be good friends.

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