The Future Of Your Marriage: What Your Wedding Zodiac Reveals

Marriage Future Wedding Zodiac Reveals

What is your Wedding Zodiac Sign? and what does it reveal about the future of your marriage?

They say that marriages are made in heaven, and to the most extent, it is right. Since time immemorial, Astrology and the stars have always played a big and mysterious role in determining the future of a marriage. Your wedding zodiac which is the wedding date (and the zodiac sign associated with it) you choose can give you a lot of insight into how your marriage will fare in the future.

Even though, it is ultimately up to you and your spouse to make sure that your marriage works out, sometimes, astrology strongly plays a part.

Here is how your chosen wedding date foreshadows the future of your marriage.

The Future Of Your Marriage

The Future Of Your Marriage according to your Wedding Zodiac Sign

1. Aries Marriages: March 21- April 19

You will have an adventurous marriage.

The Aries zodiac sign is known for being extremely independent, bold and adventurous. So, it will be no wonder if your marriage also reflects the same values. If you get married during this time, your marriage will be spontaneous and a lot of fun, like impulsive travel plans, unplanned romantic dinner dates, and spontaneous romantic gestures. However, make sure that you don’t get competitive with your partner, like a typical Aries.

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2. Taurus Marriages: April 20 – May 20

You will have a grounded marriage.

If you decide to get married during the Taurus season, you and your spouse will have a grounded marriage. Even though both of you like the finer things in life, and love luxury, you will never let that dominate your marriage. But keep in mind that, you mix up things once in a while, otherwise it might end up being monotonous and boring.

3. Gemini Marriages: May 21- June 20

You will have an exciting and communicative marriage.

Getting married during this time means that both of you will have a marriage based on transparency and communication. No matter what the situation, you will always choose to talk about it openly and resolve it. Additionally, you and your spouse will also want to have some variety in your lives, like bungee jumping the summer, skiing in the winter, taking a gourmet cooking class, etc. Keep in mind that you don’t get overwhelmed with everything, and try to prioritize your time with your spouse.

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4. Cancer Marriages: June 21- July 22

You will have a romantic marriage. 

Cancers are very romantic and emotional by nature, so it won’t be any surprise that your marriage will be an incredibly romantic one. You will have cute nicknames for each other, have romantic candlelight dinners every once in a while, and might also pamper your partner with many gifts. Nevertheless, remember that there is a life outside of your marriage. Meet up with friends and family, and stay connected to them.

5. Leo Marriages: July 23- August 22

You will have a passionate marriage.

If you decide to get married during the Leo season, then rest assured, your marriage will be a very passionate and dramatic one. Both you and your spouse will be very opinionated, and, will never step back from sharing your opinion. However, if Leo is your wedding zodiac sign, then try not to let your opinions go take you in a negative direction. Make sure that no one tries to dominate the other, and all will be fine.

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6. Virgo Marriages: August 23- September 22

You will have a mature marriage. 

Your marriage will be based on being refined, healthy, and organized. Both you and your spouse are extremely particular about everything, and also very clear about what you want. You are always his biggest support and cheerleader and him yours. The only thing that might end up creating problems, is if you don’t look at the big picture, because you were too busy nit-picking.

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