We Are Heroes In Our Own Story, Villains In Their, And Neither Is A Lie


We Are Heroes In Our Own Story

“Sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero..
Sometimes what it needs is a monster.”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

Life is the biggest reflection of the colors of the rainbow. And, out of those seven distinct shades of VIBGYOR, the most prominent shade that dominates every page of the Book of Life is the serene shade of white.

The British author, E. L. James, had rightly pointed out that there are ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. This evaluation finds the greatest resemblance in the human life itself.

Suppose, you are chilling out in the house watching the drizzling rain soak the earth with a divine freshness, and, all of a sudden, a burglar breaks into your house! What would your natural instinct compel you to do? Would you not hurt the burglar just to protect yourself? Yes, you definitely would! Perhaps you would rush for the gun and pull the trigger fast enough that the gun that the burglar had been pointing at you would slip out of his trembling hands gradually and hit the floor making a sharp clank of the metal frame. Are you going to blame yourself for that?

In the eyes of the law, you would stand as a victim who had been compelled to pull the trigger only to save himself or herself. However, in the eyes of the members of the family who are mourning the death of the burglar, you will be a deadly murderer.

Life can be fascinating and depressing at the same time.

While you become the hero to your loved ones by being brave enough to kill the man who had broken into your house, you become the villain in the life of the same burglar. You have to understand that it is not always possible for you to be in control of the entire situation. Sometimes, you have to follow your instincts and let the adrenaline rushing through your veins overpower your heart and mind so that you choose what is best for yourself.

Yes, it is true that we have been brought up with certain principles that prevent us from doing wrong to the others. However, sometimes, you cannot be the good person in the eyes of the entire world. Every valid truth can be looked at from different perspectives. And, when the perspectives change, the role that you have played in the light of that truth also changes accordingly.

You cannot stop yourself from showing the darker side that is hiding behind the white and serene mask that you put on every time you walk out of your confinement.

Let me ask you a simple question. Can you say it firmly that your loved ones are perfect in every aspect of life? No, right? You see, there are flaws in each one of us. It is okay to let go of our composure once in a while because by losing our calm, we do not necessary portray the evil hidden deep down in our hearts; rather, we bring out the best in ourselves to cope up with a grave situation.

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You have to admit that no matter how hard you try, you cannot be the ringmaster in the circus of life.

Life has its own scheme of governance. All you can do is to be happy and to make your loved ones happy through your thoughts and actions because someone somewhere will be affected negatively by your thoughts and actions without your knowledge. When such things were unintended, why do you want to feel guilty about doing an injustice to someone you do not even know properly? That too, why would even try to rectify the wrong done if you had no chance to prevent it in the first place without either hurting yourself or the people who are close to you?

Let us accept the fact that you cannot be the hero in the eyes of the entire world. Your role will change depending on the angle from which a situation under consideration is viewed; at times you also have to become the villain in the eyes of some people.

So, you have to take a decision regarding your role now. You can either accept the scenario and the proceedings or go on in life, or you can drop down in guilt and go on cursing yourself for something that you could not help. Trust me; the best thing would be to move on life and make yourself and your loved ones happy.

Be a hero in the eyes of those people who care for you and ignore those unknown faces who consider you as a villain.

In this way, you will acquire the strength and the determination to go on in the colorful circumstances laid down ahead of you by Life.

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“There is a reason why all things are as they are.”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

We Are Heroes In Our Own Story

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