10 Things You End Up Doing When You’re Repressing Your Feelings

Things End Doing When You Repressing Your Feeling

Are you someone who is always repressing your feelings, and pretending that everything is alright, even when it is clearly not?

Don’t we all suppress our true feelings when we are sad? Is it a good thing to do? Emotional repression is a preferred tactic these days. It is creating a whole lot of problems for us and creating a wave of mental dysfunction in our lives.

Most of us loathe admitting the fact that we are actually engaging in it and the world, with all its hypocrisies, teaches us to be strong and unwavering at all costs. No matter what our psyche is, repressed feelings often resurface eventually creating a mark in our behavior.

Here Are 10 Things You End Up Doing When You’re Repressing Your Feelings

1. Take care of others.

It is better to deal with other people’s emotions and listen to their problems rather than deal with one’s own. You spend a lot of time sorting out the crisis the loved one faces rather than delve into what you have faced. This makes the feeling come down pat! But this can be detrimental when you are actually low yourself.

2. Disappearing from lives altogether for long periods.

Every now and then, a person may rudely evoke an emotion that you may not be able to control yourself. You just may not have the capability to handle these on your own. You may have deep-seated problems that trigger you to stay away from others for long periods.

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3. Stay busy always.

If you are constantly moving from one work to another, the emotions cannot possibly play catch up. You become a low-key alcoholic without an alternative. This could get profitable in the long run.

4. Constantly claiming that you are well.

If you are saying that you are fine and yet feel dead and bleak inside, you may be in the midst of anxiety that is eating you from inside.

5. Developing irrational anxieties.

When you acknowledge the feelings, they still may trickle out publicly and cause embarrassment. These develop into underlying anxieties that emotionally drain you.

6. Put a positive spin on everything.

You often put a positive spin on all things negative in life. Your world may hurl down in a day, and people around you may be fatally insensitive.

You still may create a false exterior of yourself claiming to be absolutely fine, knowing little that things could change in a day’s time too.

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7. You plan ahead of time.

You want to be in control of everything and you can predict how you feel. This stops you from being spontaneous and open to surprises.

8. Dating or being with people that are wrong for you.

Often the good and able people that can positively impact our lives pass us by with us being blind to them.

You often pass emotional intimacy at all costs and avoid it doubly by being and continuing relationships with the worst people that are wrong for you in every way!

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9. Turn all things into a joke.

You may just laugh at everything that comes your way and turn your pain as amusement for others. This is a defense mechanism that works great!

10. Present an exterior that is tough and strong.

No one is unemotional. Even psychopaths experience a spurt of emotional anger and setback once in a while. Tough people or those with stern exteriors are people that are repressing their true emotions and need the most help.

If you want to know more about what you end up doing when you’re repressing feelings, then check this video out below:

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