7 Simple Ways You Can Motivate Kids To Get Things Done

Ways motivate kids getting things done

It can be quite the task to figure out how to motivate kids to get things done since kids have a mind of their own. The constant thought of “how do I get them to do anything” keeps going on in your head. However, it is important to know that motivation comes from a set of brain chemicals that develop over a period of time as a result of certain experiences that occur in the normal course of life. The more a person experiences important life events the more it develops. 

Some kids are active and self-motivated. Others may need a little help. So finding an effective way to motivate them becomes the utmost priority as a parent. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to motivate your child there are usually two ways on how to motivate your kids to get things done. They are as follows:

Extrinsic motivation

This type is usually used to encourage someone on the basis of external factors. This kind of motivation can be positive or negative in nature. Positive motivation may involve a benefit or praise and negative motivation involves fear or punishment. Some examples of extrinsic motivation are:

  • Playing a sport to win a prize
  • Completing school homework to watch TV
  • Getting them to help around the house so they can go play with their friends

Intrinsic motivation

This type of motivation has the internal drive to do things that need to be done and not because they are being forced. The person with an intrinsic motivation will get things done without wanting any praise because they want to learn. Some examples of intrinsic motivation are:

  • Playing sports because they enjoy it
  • Finishing their homework to make themselves feel proud
  • The ability to understand that helping around the house will help the family members to some extent.

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These are mostly based on rewards, punishment, or self-fulfillment. However, there are several other ways on how to motivate kids to get things done. They are:

1. Stop annoying them

Sometimes kids don’t do certain things because parents annoy them to do it. One of the best ways to motivate kids is to stop annoying them by constantly telling them what to do. If your children are constantly upset with you over-saying things, they will never listen to you. 

One of the best ways to motivate them is to show how you trust them and avoid making comments that imply that your child isn’t good enough. This can further demotivate them. 

2. Stop comparing them with other children

Comparing your kids with other children about their accomplishments is a contributing factor for demotivation. The child stops working hard when they see their parents appreciating other kids for their achievements and not them. It is important to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. Your child will start working harder when they see their parents appreciating everything they do.

3. Encourage healthy competition

Healthy competition is always good. Cheer your child to beat another runner in sports or win the spelling bee. This will enable them to be motivated and to enhance their academic skills and strengthen their physical abilities in sports. 

4. Show interest

Show interest in what your child is into whether it’s sports, dancing, or singing. Talk to your child and encourage them to pursue their interests. Showing interest will make your child feel like you trust them. This will ultimately motivate your child to get things done since they have support from their parents.

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