12 Signs That Prove You Are Walking The Highest Path Of Your Purpose

 August 29, 2017

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We are all going somewhere or at least that’s what we like to believe. The modern world is so busy that we have forgotten to pause and see whether we are going in the right direction or not. We are busy going in whichever direction we are going.

The downside to this is that we don’t even realize that we have a higher purpose in life. Yes, all of us have a higher purpose in life.
This higher purpose may sometimes be aligned to what we are currently doing and sometimes it may be totally different. The thing is that we do have a higher purpose that governs us and we have to find out this purpose and act on it because we are born to fulfill that purpose only. 
Here are 10 signs that prove that you are moving on the right path and you are working on your higher purpose:


1.  You feel you Are:

Sometimes, our heart tells us that we are in the right place. It is actually said that when someone is going to do something bad, their heart stops them from doing it. The bad people ignore that warning and do bad anyway. Now the thing is that if you are on the right path and you are moving towards your purpose, your heart will tell you that you are. Your intuition and your understanding of your own self will also point to the same. But if you are going astray, your heart might tell you otherwise. So listen keenly to what your heart says. You will know where you are.


2. You are constantly accumulating knowledge:

The journey towards your purpose in life is a difficult one. In this journey, you will learn about things that you never thought you will. You will accumulate a lot of knowledge on this path and every day will be a Pandora box of new things and ideas that you never ever thought before. So, if you are on the right path you will be awarded knowledge and learning.


3. You know how to handle things:

You will also come across a lot of hurdles when you are on your highest path. These hurdles will only make you stronger because you will learn how to handle things when you go through the problems in life. So, when you are on the right path, that path may be fraught with problems but you will know how to deal with them.


4. You know about your strengths:

You will know what your strengths are because on this journey of your highest purpose you will come across some problems that you will tackle very easily. You will even shock yourself when you do so and you will realize that you have some innate strength that will help you in your journey.


5. You are humble:

The journey to your purpose in life will teach you to be more humble and to be more grounded than before. This is because all the challenges and all the problems that will come your way will teach you how you are so much more than what you thought yourself to be. But at the same time, you will learn to be humble and kind.

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